Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ugh, It Makes Me Want to Shoot Someone

Recently, firearms have been a touchy subject. All those big, wonderful, all-knowing, hippy freak, pinko, commie, irresponsible, wimps are complaining that the second amendment was upheld in the Supreme Court. So some idiot, I mean respected journalist, at the LA Times decides who write an editorial that should really be titled "How To Blame An Inanimate Object for the Misdeeds of My Crappy Fellow Men." Catchy, huh?

A GUN IS AN INANIMATE OBJECT! It doesn't kill people...unless a PERSON picks it up and POINTS it at another human being and then PULLS THE TRIGGER.

Automatic weapons (which are way illegal), or any weapon at all, don't stand themselves up and say, "Why, I believe I'll shoot an upstanding citizen today." No. Some assbag picks up his illegally obtained weapon and then wields it around like he's 50cent or something.

When a normal person with a functioning brain and moral compass picks up a gun, they aim it at something they're going to eat, sell, or use as target practice (I have my Bin Laden paper target somewhere around here.....) then proceed to shoot it. There is so much more wrong with society than it having guns. Tackle a bigger issue. How about instead of taking away guns and causing people to use other methodology to kill their neighbors why don't you put your time and effort into improving our public school system so that the kids will be smarter, actually make something of themselves and then NOT GO AROUND SHOOTING PEOPLE. I'm not saying that's going to fix everything but it would be a more proactive and useful start than throwing a fit because Mr. Jones next door has a gun locker. (Which by the way, is the safest most responsible way to keep your firearms.)

In short, quit blaming everyone else you liberal moron. Take some responsibility for yourself and your country and actually do something about the people dying instead of thinking that guns are the culprit behind all of this. My recommendation... the only way to improve human nature is to start with yourself. Go read a self-help book and stay the hell away from my gun before it points itself at you and shoots you in the head.... repeatedly.

(p.s. okay, so maybe it's my metaphorical gun but still...)

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