Saturday, June 21, 2008

lack of anything

A lack of understanding stems from a lack of passion. Passion is a genuine interest in a noun. Being complacent about anything happens because you have no interest and thus, do not care to understand.

Americans are famous for being revolutionary, top of the game, forward thinking people. Whick is really only true about maybe 1/1000th of the population. The rest of us assume that because someone else is an expert we don't have to be. Not true.

In order to actually be involved in your own life it is imperative that you understand the world around you. People ought to have at the least a passion for existence. So many of us let our lives go down the drain because there was a lack of understanding about some aspect. Actively involve yourself in your life, be passionate about what you do and see so you can avoid misunderstandings that cause failure.

Its so disappointing that I feel like both our presidential candidates lack a passion for people. They don't seem to understand what the American public wants. They just regurgitate what they think we want to hear without really wanting to help. They're running for president to accomplish something for themselves instead of to be help the American people who lack the understanding they have. That's why we have experts, but doesn't relieve you of your caring duties.

I want a President who is passionate about something to the point of standing in the face of an entire angry mob because of the depth of their belief. McCain got close a couple decades ago, being passionate to endure literal torture for the concept of America. Now he needs to show me that same fire again. And soon. Or i'm moving to Russia.


In other news, i'm blogging from my blackberry in the back of my suburban. I got back from Indiana earlier today. The interview went really well. Keep praying that I get the job, I want it so badly. I'm in Pennsylvania for a few days, I love seeing my grandparents :)

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