Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok, Mr. Samir Khan. You were born, raised, and taught under every American ideal that makes our country great, despite whatever flaws it may have. You live in some up scale, rich, quiet suburbia. Which apparently gives you some smug sense of security which leads you to practically defect and write about supporting the killing of American troops in Iraq.

The men and women who are fighting for your freedom to write that bullshit are the ones you want dead. I don't care if you represent "Islam" or "Muslims," you're an American who should not want your fellow Americans dead. You've said the Pledge of Allegiance before, you've sung the National Anthem, you're exercising all of your God given rights that the USA provides you an opportunity to use (unlike your own country) and all you do is wish the rest of us dead?

And, really? The "arrogance" of the media? How about your own self-righteous arrogance. Open your damn eyes and see that people have differing opinions and the fact that you're allowed to open your dumb mouth and present yours is exactly what makes America so diverse. Whether I agree with it or not everyone is entitled to their opinion. But don't you dare get indignant when your opinion garners attention and causes reporters to come knock on your door.

Jarret Brachman said it best... “To be unhappy with U.S. foreign policy is one thing, but to advocate violence by promoting Al Qaeda is another,”

Amen. Now Mr. Khan, go screw yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you love.....

....except the God given rights. The founding fathers gave them to us when they created our gov't. God had nothing to do with it. (apart from maybe creating us in the first place)

:) Kevin