Friday, June 13, 2008

Because Texas needs more billionaires.

I love when my titles have little to nothing to do with my blog except for being an excerpt from a ridiculous video... read on, faithful sidekick.

So there's this video on YouTube (which by the way I have recently become an addict of.) Not the point. The point is I love free speech. I love being able to get on the internet and write down what I think and feel like it's the gospel word. I love that random people sometimes stumble upon it and argue with me. I'm also a huge fan of making fun of people. It's like the greatest cheapest form of entertainment since the beginning of time. That being said. This video is funny... and here's why...

1 - because it's just plain wrong.
2- because it perpetuates every misconception about being "a republican"
3- it takes every middle/upper class American stereotype and plays it up
4- because it proves my "silent majority" theory.

The Silent Majority is a group of people who go to work everyday, maintain our economy, pay the gas prices without bitching, are trying hard to raise their children properly, aren't buying into all the bipartisan bullshit, support the men and women overseas, and pray every night for the world to not lose it's mind. At the end of the day the squeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease, and that silent wheel on the back of the bike works hard enough to keep the squeaky wheel moving forward.

People on the opposite end of the political spectrum can make as much noise as they like but mark my words, Americans don't like change. Americans have been voting rich white guys into office for decades not because the opportunity for something different hasn't presented itself but rather because we like stability. Sure, there's a black guy who is successfully running for President now. Which is a great move forward for America in the global political spectrum because other countries have been voting black men into office for decades. However, he doesn't have much more going for him than "Hope" and being black.

He can pick on 'republicans' all he wants, telling the whole world that they only want to stifle normal Americans in an effort to make a buck for people and companies who don't need it. But when it comes down to defining his plan for what protocol to use to actually solve the problems his responses are quite lackluster. He "will" do this, and he "will" do that.

For heaven's sake, tell me Barack, how?

How are you going to restore habeas corpus, and where did it go? How are you going to keep small neighborhood stores open? How are you going to advance medical research? How are you going to keep the rights of women in the hands of women? and how the hell do you plan on keeping class sizes small? How do you plan on keeping the environment clean?

That video points out all of the things Barack wants to do... now make a follow up video and tell me how.

The follow up video would be short. It would go something like this...

"Obama will fix everything... by stopping the war, cutting our defense funding, making Americans twice as vulnerable as they are right now by releasing the men whose passion in life is to eradicate the world of Americans and throwing money at all the issues my political platform says I should."

I should be a director or something... there's an emmy somewhere in that script I can feel it.

Tune in next time when I explain why John McCain isn't much help either.


In Other News, I'm headed to Indiana on the 19th of this month for a job interview. DTE Powertrain is flying me to Indy for an interview and to see if I like the company and the people. Indiana isn't the greatest state in the union but the job seems like it's perfect for me. I'm way excited and nervous like crazy. Also, right as I (hopefully) am about to leave I start having guy issues again. I'm not a fan. Oh well, so it goes right? I've also been on a kind of diet for three weeks now and exercising like crazy, and I'm pretty sure all it's done it make me cranky. Ugh. Anyway, Gloucester tomorrow with Evan and Jer, beach house this weekend, William & Bro's in town next week, Mommy (and my Baby Bro's) in town on Tuesday, two stepping on wednesday, and Indy on Thursday. Life, my dear friends, is good.

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staci said...

A; Wait, what.. this isn't gospel?

B; I swear I read the beginning of your "in other news" paragraph like 3 times, each time reading-India.. and asking myself WTF? Yeah, people like me sometimes have a hard time with all your brilliance, and suggest you try using smaller words and more simple sentences.. perhaps just monosyllabic grunts. guah. <3