Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrubs = Infinite Wisdom

As I was sitting on my ass watching my umpteenth episode of scrubs eating a coffee cup full of baked beans I took a bit of that particular episode to heart. Dr. Kelsoe (spelling?) was telling some girl who wanted gastric bypass surgery at 25 that life is scary and taking the easy way out is not an option because there is no magical fix all.

Yes. Taking advice from a Scrubs episode may not be the most logical thing I've done lately. And yes, I am probably taking it way out of context and applying it to my own situation simply because I want it to fit. But the point is that the reason I've been so impatient about this Indiana job is because I figured it would be the easy fix-all that I need.

Instead it's required patience, and getting up at 4am, flying for five hours, driving for five cumulative hours, spending money I don't have and staying awake for 22 hours because I'm traveling, interviewing and then subsequently freaking out. Although I think I handled it pretty well, and this whole opportunity kind of fell into my lap, it's been kind of hard. I want the job so desperately and feel like there's nothing I can do to push their hand and make them give it to me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the hard part. I can usually get whatever I want with just a little bit of effort and I usually have a modicum of control over the situation. This one is almost completely out of my hands. I'm not okay with that but, I think I'll take a deep breath and just pray for the best.

Now that I'm sitting in my computer chair, on my lazy ass, with my dishes in the sink I think I'll get back on top of this whole job situation and keep applying other places. Gotta be proactive right? Just because I want it doesn't mean I get it. Yikes. That one's going to be a lot harder to actually understand than it was to type.

Wish me luck guys. Pray if you are so inclined. Write letters to the company telling them how desperately they need me if you're really feeling froggy. Either way, I'm hoping for good news sometime today or tomorrow. Or if not... good news from somewhere else, right?

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