Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Lesser of Two Evils?

Although I think John McCain is simply a Senator who played the numbers in order to get this nomination (i.e. You can only run so many times and be denied before they say, 'ok, John, we'll let you run for President.') On the other hand, I got onto his website and it was nice to see that the man who rides in the "Straight Talk Express" actually gave me answers on HOW he plans to do the things he wants to do. What a concept.

I'm still not convinced that he's going to be any good though. He's gone through like three wives so the man obviously can't make a solid decision and stick with it, his voting record throughout the past eight years of legislation has been ruled by a "support the President" policy, and not a "what John really thinks is best" policy. Yes, he's got real experience. The man was a POW, which deserves the utmost respect from every man, woman and child who has the opportunity to use their freedoms and rights. But then again, after toughing it out in the Hanoi Hilton you would expect for him to tough out his voting decisions as well. I like that he's lead a pretty respectable campaign; denouncing that radio guy when he was saying ridiculous things, not firing back when Hillary was making directly derogatory comments and John tried to keep answering the actual question.

Here's where my biggest speed bump comes from. Although he gives me answers on HOW he's going to fix everything. I'm not so sure they sound logical. For instance, he wants to suspend the summer gas tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, as soon as that happens most of the construction to repair our roads and highways will stop because that's part of what the gas tax supports. I don't know about your local roads but there's so much construction going on around Norfolk that if it stopped traffic would be even more of a monstrosity than it already is. Another example would be this concept on international trade. Of course selling our stuff to other people is good and will make us money. But that then makes us very reliant on their economies and fads. Why not do a little isolationism, promote buying American and stabilize ourselves? You can't ask for other people to take care of you when you won't take care of yourself.

I really like that McCain isn't willing to sit down with terrorists in order to negotiate. Those people do not understand diplomacy. For cultures like that diplomacy is a sign of weakness. Obama wants to, without conditions, sit down with Kim Jong Il, Castro and all those other scumbags shake hands and work it out. Anyone of those leaders would rather have an American President killed inside the palace walls and hung on display than sit down and come to "an accord."

But... both candidates want to close Guantanamo Bay. If you've ever read my blog at all you should know where I stand on that. I'll take any bet you want but I guarantee that if the illegal enemy combatants detained at Guantanamo Bay are released you're going to see a hell of a lot more dead Americans than this War on Terrorism has ever produced.


Tune in next time for why lacking passion equals a lack of understanding. It's going to be good.


In Other News, I got a wonderful text message this morning from somebody quite nice. We'll see where that goes. Beach house tomorrow. Yay :) Keep praying, hoping, sending good energy toward the Indiana job working out. One of these days I'll make it back to Texas.

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