Monday, August 4, 2008

Revenge Designs Inc

Today is my first day as Marketing/Promotions Manager for Revenge Designs Inc and it has been ridiculously awesome.

Not only are the investors already buzzing about me [click the link and scroll almost the whole way down] but I've had the best time being productive...and it feels good :) The power went out for about an hour so we just sat around bouncing ideas off each other until the power company got here and fixed us up.

Yes, I know this could just be the adrenaline of the first day but with as many post-it notes and to-do's that I've written I'm going to be busy like this for the next eight months until I get this done. Ugh, I love this.

I've got the most adorable house in New Haven, IN. My newest roomie is absolutely the wonderful. My job makes me feel like I'm not even working. I've dropped a couple of pounds. And I smile constantly for really no particular reason other than me being unbelievably happy.

Totally worth all the stressing and what not that was the beginning of the year. Next task: Learn Russian and look hot walking into work so the shareholders don't think I'm funny looking. While the latter of the two is a more immediate goal, I definitely think they're both quite feasible. Man, I'm so excited I'm not even making sense :)

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staci said...

aw emmie, so excited for you!! i don't know what any of that jargon on the website was even referring to, but i did see your name, and someone said you sounded sweet and that was enough to make me smile! I hope your doing well and it sounds like everything is going wonderful! yayayay!