Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Other News...

This one's all personal... I'm so sublimely happy that I have to share :)

Thursday night Bri picked me up from the airport and we went to Sherlocke's and had a few (too many) beers. The band was awesome, we did some kick butt dancing. Friday morning we woke up late and feeling like death but still made it to my interview and work (for Bri). For the record, I got the job but don't know if I'm taking it. It's a long story.

I went to Billy Bob's last night with Bri and Dean. It was mind-blowing. Reckless Kelly played and we drank awesome Shiner beer and I danced with some ridiculously good-looking cowboys and got my boobs signed by the band... pictures come later. I was absolutely in heaven... although, particularly missing a certain somebody.

Bri and I are now working on showering and getting out of the house. We're headed to the Art District to look around and go see cool stuff. Then tonight it's off to Greenville for some bar hopping and more ridiculousness.

I love the way this place feels. Even when we were sitting in traffic on 35S it doesn't feel as constrictive or looming as Norfolk. Walking in between huge skyscrapers doesn't give you the feeling of being small because its all so wide open and amazing.

Alright, time to go out :) I miss you all!

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