Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Hillary Clinton released an ad in Texas that focuses on handling a crisis. Her ad says something to the effect of "who do you want answering the phone" when a crisis comes. And then she says..... “We need a president who is tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world and who can draw on years of real-world experience,” Clinton said at the Waco rally. “There’s a big difference between giving a speech on national security and giving orders as commander in chief.”



Brilliant deduction.


WHAT CRISIS EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE?! New York has been crisis free since the 9/11 days, and when her Hubby was in office there wasn't a single major U.S. crisis to think about, and even the international ones were minuscule compared to what's happened in the past eight years. Sure, ok, she's been a Senator and helped deal with the war. Big whoop. She's never had to make an executive decision in her life, she's never been anything more than a 1 in 100 yes or no vote, she's never had to make an on-the-spot, shit-may-hit-the-fan-when-i-do-this-wrong call.

Eleven people have gone into the White House without 'defense crisis experience' Excepting all those wonderful President's who served in various branches of the military, there are a couple of people who didn't any defense experience at all. Thank you all 32 Presidents who did . And for the record, Bill Clinton wasn't one of them so Hillary can't even claim Military Wife experience in dealing with defense emergencies.

So, Hillary Clinton, my Sir-Points-Out-the-Obvious-A-Lot Award of the Day goes to you. Because you're right. There's a huge difference between giving a speech on National defense and giving orders as commander in chief" and hot damn, i hope the buck doesn't stop with you. If you're in Texas and are a democrat.... which shouldn't happen in the first place, just kidding! anyway.... will you please vote for Obama in the primary? Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

I think im dead. really. VOTE FOR OBAMA?! Really? I think I may faint. Im rubbing off on you, arent I? :)

P.S. Im not commenting on your Clinton smear campaign...but I will say the country hasnt gone totally to pieces after having a president who couldnt make his way out of a cheerio box without a panel of advisors telling him how to spell and what to do...i mean, that is the advisors that didnt quit hehehe. But a woman with no military or crisis planning or decision SHE will SURELY ruin us.

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