Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Harold & Kumar Suck.

Ok, so you've heard me rant about that new Harold & Kumar movie. [reference: I'm speechless Dec 2007?] Well, the New York Times has picked up the story. Their story focuses on the idea that Guantanamo has made its place in pop-culture an irrevocably negative one. But Gitmo hasn't made its place at all... the media has made Gitmo's place. If Gitmo had any say in the matter everyone would understand the truth and I wouldn't have much subject matter for this here blog-thing.

Admiral Buzby is quoted in the article saying something to the effect that the media has "turned up the gain" to distort the truth coming out of Gtmo. Which is exactly what happens. They take the menial details that could be construed as negative (i.e. fences, uniforms, dirt in the recreation area) and turn it into a huge issue. Yeah, there's wire fences, after all we are detaining these people for the safety of the public. Yes, Gitmo has banana rats and lots of iguanas. Yes, some of the detainees are kept in cells. But they're not running around in orange inmate wear. And the banana rats are actually kind of cute.... and vegetarians; who also make a squeaky sound when you accidentally run them over in your suburban at night because they're crossing the road in hordes. Anyway, the point is... The New York Times spends 3/4 of the article focusing your attention on the bad press that Gitmo is getting. I would pay good money to see the New York Times print the news releases that actually come out of Gitmo and all the things that Admiral Buzby says about Gitmo. A sound bite would be even better! Mainly because the Admiral has a voice like God, and who doesn't believe a man who sounds like that?

Anyway, if the New York times wants to run around stating the obvious.... Gitmo gets bad press. And perpetuate that cycle its their right to do it. Also, if they want to quote people who feel sympathy for the detainees that's there right too. I will simply exercise my right to laugh at them. A lot. And to laugh at those people who are being sucked into the negative propaganda trap that the detainees create through their lies. Those detainees, and their cohorts, would not hesitate to murder every bleeding-heart-sympathy-having-lie-believing-pity-feeling-person out there.

Finally, Gitmo is not a prison. It is a detention center. I've been over this before [reference: legally & transparently, Jan 2008]. If it were a prison they would all be convicted men... on their way to the chair (ok, that last part is wishful thinking). It's a detention center that complies to every clause in the Geneva Convention to the letter. It is transparent, it is humane, and in a couple of years somebody will thank the men and women who are keeping it open and operating properly.

p.s. The article mentions that the people who are stationed at Gitmo drink to much. As a former bartender in Gitmo all I can say about that is .... Uh.... Duh. It's a bunch of twenty-something year olds who behave the same as anybody else their age . Just about every where you go 20-somethings drink too much. That goes for any civilian community or any military installation.


In Other News, I got to talk to a good friend of mine last night and that was awesome. I love feeling reaffirmed in the fact that I'm not crazy and the world isn't completely without hope. Dr. Lefever also helped reaffirm my hope in the human race this morning. God Bless her, she's brilliant. Dallas in two days. I am more excited than I could possibly explain. Also, I've got a few job interviews coming up in other places out of town, stay tuned for details. :)

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