Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let the Commissions Begin

A very good friend of mine loves me enough to send me a very special link. It's a pdf version of the official paperwork used to charge the men with their crimes. It details their names, the people charging them, and the reasons why they're being charged. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, eight men who are detained at JTF Guantanamo Bay have been officially charged with their crimes. Marking the beginning of the court proceedings of the commissions. I wish desperately that I could be in Gtmo for this but, alas, I'm stuck at school until May. Anyway, go click the very special link, read and enjoy. You can thank me later.

The charges are quite a big deal, but the media decided to give the story one average looking headline. There was nothing sensational about it, nothing eye catching, just "8 Men Charged with 9/11 Crimes" Then, in the story, there was minimal detail on the charges and LOTS of detail on the "torture" that one of the unlawful enemy combatants has gone through. Don't even get me started on that one.

As a follow up on my Berkeley City Council blog... they re-did the whole vote and are now reversing the order they made and "voicing support for the troops". I guess being a hypocritical bastard catches up with you and makes you realize that the people fighting for your right to pass "anti-discriminatory laws" ought to be allowed in the city too.


In Other News, school is going very well. Work is going just as well. I do believe I have lost my cotton-picking-mind. And I leave for Dallas in 8 days. Hell Yes :)

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