Friday, February 1, 2008

Berkeley's City Council Sucks. A Lot.

This is retarded. Who in their right mind would actually vote to remove a Marines recruiting station from their city? What kind of hippy-freak-pinko-commie-bastard take action against the Marines and grants a protesting permit to some anti-war protest group? Who the hell do they think they are to tell their fellow American that they're not welcome?!

Anti-Discrimination Law in the City means that the military with a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy needs to be kicked out?! ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ISN'T JUST FOR GAY PEOPLE. Anti- discrimination is supposed to help all people feel like we're all humans. Not just make the ones who dress in drag feel better. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (to any normal human being) simply translates into "Please Don't Wear Glitter Into Work or Hit On Your Superiors" Is that really so hard?!

The Marines are the men and women who defend Berkeley, California's right to say all that bullshit... so how do they thank them?! By making them un-welcomed second class citizens. Extremism and condescension won't fix a damn thing in your ridiculous liberal city. I hope the Marines do NOT abandon their post at the recruiting station and that a number of protesters end up really angry because they see their young men and women walking into that office to volunteer their lives and time to a cause much greater than any petty liberal agenda.

That City Council is the most ridiculous group of tunnel-visioned-extremist liberals in the world right now. The bigger picture is that your stupid city needs to be well-rounded and accepting of all people... not just the bleeding-heart-gay-social programs loving-"anti-discriminatory" liberals.

God Bless that one man who voted against the other eight.

Berkeley, California's City Council can go SCREW Themselves.

UPDATE: Here's the response of S.C.'s Senator to the debacle... and the ramifications for the City Council making the Marines into "uninvited and unwelcomed visitors." Check it.


Anonymous said...

I dont know entirely how I should feel about this blog. I really dont know what to say.


Anonymous said...

You know...the ultimate irony in all of this is that Berkley is trying to pass an anti discrimination law, while discriminating against military recruiters... Just a little thing to ponder.