Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still Poignant

I've decided that one of our objectives while living is to find something that really gets you going. Something you get more than just excited about, something you feel more than lukewarm about, something that pulls your heartstrings. Maybe some noun or concept that makes your eyes light up.

Either way, whatever it is, its yours and you stand by it. Something you're devoted to because you whole-heartedly believe in it. It could be your cat, your mom, your toe ring, your president, your senator, or the idea of clean air. It could be that feeling when you walk out of your front door in the morning. I don't care what it is... you just need something to be passionate about.

This all goes along with the concept that the worst kind of human is a man without a purpose. That's not 'icky' wisdom. I don't mean for it to presuppose anything. I read it as the kind of wisdom that causes you to actually make something of your beliefs and yourself. The kind of wisdom that requires you to develop a real sense of living and feeling. To be without a purpose and a passion is to be a lackluster person. "You only live once" so why do people allow themselves to roam aimlessly through life without something to keep you going... without a purpose.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, or randomly float upon the idea it needs to get you going. That is what your passion is. Something you could talk excitedly about until you lost your voice or something you could listen about until your ears fell off.

Whatever it is you ought to feel accomplished if you've found it... if not then go find it. after all, it's yours.

p.s. this blog is from an old one... yeah I know, I'm cheating. On the upside, i did revise and add to it. Yes, new and improved. Go me.


In Other News, I took the exit exam this morning and wrote a rousing essay on why I would give Time Magazine's Person of the Year award to the Guards at JTF GTMO. If I can get the writing center to give me a copy I'll post it up, unless of course I failed the exit exam. In that instance, I may give up on writing completely :) Dallas in FIVE days. God Bless Texas.

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