Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stupid Headlines

Sorry, it's been so long. Yes, I know you missed me ranting. And I know you're all thankful I'm ending my four day hiatus... I'll just say it now, You're Welcome. :) P.S. Lots of neat links in the following blog... Enjoy!

I opened my iGoogle this morning to check the weather so I could go appropriately dressed to take over the world, and I noticed something odd. Among the usual headlines was something that stuck out. It didn't stick out because it was so astoundingly important, it didn't stick out because it was shocking, it stuck out because the first thing that crossed my mind was "Who the Hell Cares?!"

Model Claims Tony Parker Cheated on Eva Longoria With Her

What terrifies me is that someone is out there thinking... "Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh! Oh My Goodness, I wonder if Eva is alright?! "


Why on earth wasn't the Federal Raid of Al Sharpton's office a headline? Why isn't the story about the Global Warming Charts kind of being a mistake a headline?

(yes, i'm typing in all caps because in my head I'm yelling)

There are just as many stories in the sidebar on about celebrities as there are about anything actually relevant. I can find out that Katie Holmes told some magazine what turns Tom on. and that Paris Hilton is covered in gold paint for no damn good reason.

Where did the real news go? And why does no one care about it? Are we so apathetic about our own world that we'd rather read about other people's lives? Is there nothing about the politics of our world that is interesting? Don't people like knowing that Al Gore is wrong?! I will be keeping my iGoogle. However, in an effort to expand my exposure to real news I will be adding Yahoo! News, CNN News, and the News Busters Blog to my homepage.

Where exactly has all the real news gone? : (


In Other News, a Doctor who has written two books, is in the process of writing another and went to UT (Longhorns, woot woot) loved one of my papers so much that he wants a copy. He said it was a "pleasure to read." Man, I'm good. Also, I leave for Cuba in less than 36 hours. This is exciting and sad at the same time, one of those bittersweet things that just makes you appreciate what you've already got and potentially will have. But never fear! I will be back! and I'll also keep writing while I'm in Cuba. I'm going to miss the greatest friends on earth desperately.


Anonymous said...

You are one of the greatest friends a gal like me could ask for!! You will be missed TERRIBLY, as I am so proud you babe!! I love you and all of your sweetness, Whit

Anonymous said...

Global warming charts false? Ill have to read up about this as I wear flip flops and shorts with a t-shirt in the middle of December hahah. But I do wholeheartedly agree on the subject of real news vs. celebrity news. We tend to want to forget out our own monotonous (sp?) lives in this society and it drives me insane.

On a side note 36hrs is way to soon and im trying to get out of the office as quick as lightning so I can come see you for the remainder of the evening. I hate that your leaving, and even more that you'll have a job away from me, but im so glad we've met and I know this isnt even close to the end of our fun. I love you so much Emily. Seriously. With all my soul.

~Your Homosexual Liberal Best Friend, Kevin

Anonymous said...

Yahoo and AOL both kept the Eva Longoria / Tony Parker story to their Entertainment or Sports pages. Yesterdays first headline on news for Yahoo was a Japaneese man who cloned cats that could glow in the dark while AOL was the Al Sharptin information. Even for someone like me, who isn't a huge fan of reading news because so much of it is bad, I appriciate sites like AOL and Yahoo because actual news headlines to appear and I can skim thru to what I want to read. Even if some days it is only Sports.