Monday, December 24, 2007

CNN = Liberal Political Agenda

So there's all this hub-bub (I'm pretty sure I just made that up) about those destroyed CIA tapes. First, who cares? People beat people senselessly all the time, and for much worse reasons than national security. Secondly, why do I get a play by play update on nothing! Yes, I understand there are going to be developments in the case but I don't need a new news headline every time some Senator decides to have an opinion about it.

Third, (this is the part that really bothers me) why on Earth is CNN showing pictures of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the background when they're reporting about these tapes. Yes, I know a lot of really dumb people equate Guantanamo Bay with torture. However, once it's been established that those tapes have no connection at all to this hemisphere why would those pictures stay up?

Want to know why? Media = Liberal Political Agenda. That's it in a nutshell. Repetition and reenforcement of ideas is the best way to get someone to remember something. So if CNN keeps showing pictures of Gitmo any time the word "torture" comes up, eventually they'll convince someone that Gitmo needs to be closed because of all the horrible things being done to people down here. Which means all the detainees get either a) shipped home or b) stateside. If you chose B you're probably correct. All their 'homelands' would kill them quickly after they're sent back, because well..... they've committed war crimes. Which means that all those Habeas Corpus lawyers would throw a fit until each one is given a trial. (which, by the way, we're in the process of working on... you should see the courthouse, it's sweet) ... however, I digress. Back to my original point.

CNN is in my opinion one of the most useless form of news acquisition around.

They're website doesn't do a bad job. Thankfully they have pictures of judges and senators attached to their articles on this subject. I guess my point would be, don't watch CNN... actually go and read it. But only if you really have to.


In Other News
, I stuffed stockings and made Christmas cards to the Troopers down here who have duty on Christmas. It felt good to have a way to tell them that I'm thankful for what they're sacrificing so that I can have a peaceful morning with my family... well, until Daddy has to go to work right along side the Troopers. The only problem was feeling like I should do things like this more often... not just around Christmas. I know I'm always writing on this thing about how much I appreciate the people who defend all our freedom's but that just doesn't seem like enough. Ideas?

I played a pretty cool game of paintball tonight. Ended up with a sweet bruise on my shoulder. Also, one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life just keeps getting more and more amazing. Dammit. I wish they would give me a reason to hate them.... that would make not seeing them every again after I leave so much simpler. Ugh, because that sounds soooo optimistic. : ( Enough about me. Even if you're not the praying type... go pray or think about or make a wish on a star for the people out there giving you the right and ability to sleep quietly and enjoy your families.


Anonymous said...

Um...this person who keeps getting more amazing, might I have lectured you about him before?


Anonymous said...

You have my permission to speak more about this amazing person... you are incredibly special.... it's all how about they make you feel :-)

love you, whit