Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mean Something.

Again, Dr. Lefever is my muse. [Reference: November Post... Dr. Lefever Cried in Class Today]

She gave quite a rousing speech for our last day of class this morning. Some particularly interesting points in her appeal included the fact that a large portion of her generation is comprised of "big whining babies", the astounding "hollowness" of a Me-Me-Me mentality, that "following your heart" can be one of the most dangerous and detrimental things a person can do and the fact that courage is one of the most impressive and useful traits a person can possess.

What really struck me, however, was an exercise she had the class do at the end...

1- Get out a piece of paper.
2- Tear it into three portions. (They don't have to be pretty)
3- On the first piece draw a picture of an ugly, gross bug.
4- On the second piece draw a picture of a food you hate.
5- On the third piece write the word for what you call your mother.

(yes, i think spiders are ugly and gross. yes, i absolutely detest bananas. and yes, i call my mother "Mommy". )

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6- Put the first picture on the ground and stomp on it.
7- Harder.
8- Put the second picture on the ground and stomp on it.
9- Harder.
10- Put the third picture on the ground and stomp on it.

Wait, What? You can't stomp on your Mom? Why is that? Dr. Lefever's point was that

words mean something.

My point is that it's not just words. It's words and pictures and concepts mean something. You are accountable for everything that your mouth, hand and mind produce. I think that's why my blog, my journal, my myspace, my facebook, my emails and my school work really have significance for me.

I value what I create. I appreciate the meaning for what I'm producing. I have a passion for what I say, think and do. Everything that I type into this blog is something that I have thought about and whole-heartedly stand behind. Granted, some of it is simply the rantings of a slightly unstable hot headed twenty-one year old... however, that twenty-one year old still means it.

I put my meaning, my thoughts, my concepts and my passion into black and white (and sometimes colors, and italics, and large print... and you get the point). And it makes me feel like a real person. Like I have something to stand for. I've said it before and I'll say it again "Man, I love being a turtle." [just kidding... TMNT reference, anybody? ok, well i thought it was funny]

Actually, what I've said before is that I love feeling like my brain works... and having a passion, having words that mean something help me feel that way.

Thank you, Dr. Lefever for contributing not only to my education but to my agglomeration of advice and wisdom that's going to make me one of the smartest twenty-somethings out there.


In Other News, I will be heading to Cuba in precisely ten days.... YAY! I love a Caribbean Christmas. Also, my room is an absolute wreck. They say, "Move Your Stuff... Change Your Life". Well, my stuff has moved and my life seems to be just as messy as the clothing on my floor. Note to self: Organized room = Organized life. I have a whole semester's worth of notebook due tomorrow at 8am for ceramics. Wish me luck. I will be inventing a semester's worth of notes on pottery tonight. Also, according to the calendar on my desk it has been two months, one week, and two days since I had a real planned date with a single man whom I met randomly (that one weird thing with that one weird guy doesn't count). I'm feeling a little bit like a loser, but I think I can handle it... yoga and a few beers cure any single girl's ailments.

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your absolutely one of the smartest twenty-somethings that I know, uhh FYI :)