Friday, December 28, 2007

"Alternative Metal" & Yoga.

Rage Against the Machine is, conclusively, one of the top five* musical groups to listen to while doing yoga.

Because of the musical influence of a certain person I've been hanging out with, I've been re-examining the merits of the group. And despite the pinko-liberal political influence of the band, it's awesome stuff. Sure, I'm pairing some pretty hard hitting "alternative metal" (p.s. that's why iTunes calls it) with some purposely relaxing pranas (p.p.s. that's what you call yoga poses)... but doesn't that disparity between the two make this even better?

This is going to sound crazy, and probably a bit ridiculous but I think that the two things being emotionally profound in different ways helps you to you find yourself centered somewhere in between the two.

I think the part that really gets me is the guy singing (somebody google that name for me... I'm lazy) honestly sounds like he feels what he's singing. Maybe I'm getting that impression because I want to but either way, he sounds passionate... and you know how I feel about passionate people. (errrr, faithful reader, you should know)

When you couple that kind of intensity with the fact that my yoga sessions themselves are intense on their own; it's pretty aggressively emotionally and physically absorbing. It doesn't help that I whole-heartedly believe that yoga is one of the greatest things a person can do for themselves, second only to buying an amazing pair of brand new blue jeans.

Anyway, this all makes me sound like some new-wave-alternative-healing-mumbo-jumboee. However, I simply can't ignore the fact that I had one of the greatest most intense, relaxing, re-centering, soothing, paramount yoga sessions I've had in quite some time while listening to Rage Against the Machine.


* Top 5 Musical Groups to Listen to While Doing Yoga.
In NO particular order.

1- Sneaker Pimps
2- Rage Against the Machine
3- Gary Allan/Dierks Bentley
4- Laika
5- Dropkick Murphy's


No, In Other News, today, kiddos. Nothing to really update. However, my two darlings, you'll be getting another call here soon :) Love you!


Anonymous said...

1. Do I classify as pinko-liberal? lol.

2. I love Rage as well as Sneaker pimps and dropkick murphys.

3. The balance of the two makes total sense. I can even imagine feeling the energy flow through my body as I do yoga with that intense-adrenaline pumping music. So yea, I get it lol. Miss you. Love you. Cant wait to hear your voice again.


p.s. i love cnn

MiddleNameGrace said...

haha, you would love CNN.... which is why you're my complimentary opposite :)

and well, you might be a pinko-liberal... we'll talk about that later!

Audball said...

you're not a new-wave-alternative-
healing-mumbo-jumboee geez, don't be so tough on yourself, you're just a retard

loveeeee you