Thursday, November 29, 2007

No, It's Not Okay

"If you're not a liberal when you're 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative when you're 30, you have no brain." - anonymous?

So I was at the bar last night
(what? me at a bar?! never!) and I make a comment about how I helped my roommate write his Italian paper in order to get him to wash the dishes. Some guy next to me pipes up and says, "So if I do your house work, you'll write my paper?" and I laughed and said "sure."

He then proceeds to explain that he wouldn't really be able to do that because he doesn't trust anybody else to do as good of a job and as a poli. sci. major not a lot of people would be able to intelligently handle the subject matter. I agreed and said that I am rather picky about my work as well, but told him I'd love to handle a political science paper. He then said something about being a socialist.... yes,

a Socialist.

... and in light of the fact that we're yelling our conversation in a bar, and it's not a good place for real discourse. I laughed, again, and said something to the effect of "oh, you wouldn't want me any where near your paper." He obviously asked why, and I explained that I am on the complete other end of the political spectrum.

This whole conversation was alright until this point. Next he goes on to tell me that "It's okay, not everybody can have a brain."

(insert-screeching-tires-coming-to-an-abrupt-halt sound here)

Excuse Me?! I politely exit the conversation by pretending my roommate was saying something really really interesting. But the guy persists! He says things like "You just don't know how to think for yourself yet", and "Conservatives are wrong, and not grown up enough to admit it" etc. Not wanting to engage in an argument in a bar, with an idiot I continue to ignore the guy.

Then he comes up and says "Don't worry one day you'll figure it out and you'll thank me."

Here's where I turned around and I said "Actually, I'll thank you now. I'd like to thank you for providing an opposing opinion so that our democratic process can be more well rounded and considerate of the differences between people. I'd also like to thank you for providing the opposite end of the spectrum for people to listen to in order to expand their knowledge, and I'd like to thank you for being a complete liberal moron who is reinforcing my idea that extremist liberals are nothing but mouthy children."

He could have just left me alone and I wouldn't have gotten so angry! I would have ignored the fact that he's probably some upper-middle class brat who has never spent a day in a socialist country in his life, and only perpetuates what is fed to him through his liberal academia baby-food tube! (You know, the ones they give you in the hospital when you can't feed yourself or chew or anything?)

No, I never have been to a socialist country. Yes, my family does fine for themselves. However, there's no way on God's green earth that I am simply going to regurgitate what someone tells me! You need to critically review the world around you before accepting it as fact! Nothing comes out of anyone's mouth that isn't biased, either through selective referencing or skewed facts. Personally, I prefer selective referencing... but that's just me.

I can and do think for myself. Which is why my political opinions are a little odd. Not a frequent reader? Here are some examples...

1- I don't ever want a woman to be President, which is odd because I'm female (and yes, I've got real reasons)
2- I do believe in a bit of socialized health care (most American's aren't hot on the idea)... the Navy's done an interesting job of it.
3- I am pro flag-burning. Which is pretty vehemently fought against as an absolute crime against the nation. However, my reasoning is a whoooooooole other blog.

By annoying and ridiculing me, that guy simply proved that just like most other people... he doesn't think for himself. And no, that's not okay. It's not okay to pester your fellow Americans, it's not okay to be that self-righteous and cocky and its not okay to try and make me feel dumb.

I am not dumb. I am not a lackadaisical sheep [reference: Complete Bullshit: Part II]. I am not a heartless human being.

But, It's Okay, you'll figure it out eventually.

And then... you'll thank me.


In Other News, a couple of my friends have been being well, not friendly lately. It's really disappointing. However, as I have had explained to me previously... Never make someone a priority when they have made you and option. (Thank you, Mommy) Thus, a few of my priorities have become options. On the upside, my greatest friends ever are still at the absolute top of my priority list. I love you guys. On a less cynical note, as the semester is ending things are beginning to change really quickly. It's a bit frightening to think of all the things that were different this time a year ago, and what's going to change a year from now. Finally, my room is clean. My house is clean (and decorated!) and I believe I'm going to NC this weekend.

I'm still particularly missing certain people, but if i didn't miss them... then they wouldn't be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Just for another opinion...
You say that extreme liberals are whiney children and have such a negative opinion of people who think differently than you do. Doesn't living here is the US give us all the option to think differently? To have our own beliefs, views ect? Without persicution? Without being told we're idiots for not seeing things the way you do? While you are more than entitled to your own political views, it doesn't mean that anything other than that is wrong. It's just different. And thats ok. It makes debates worthwhile and interesting. But only if you are willing to debate in a healthy way. Where you have no problem agreeing to disagree on issues. Ever thought about that?

MiddleNameGrace said...

I definitely love the feedback and completely agree with you. I love debating... as long as there's no screaming, yelling and name-calling involved. Just to clarify... I don't debate the way I write. My blog is mostly just a pressure valve to get some of the horrible things I think off my chest.

One of my favorite things about being an American is the fact that everyone can have their own legitimate opinion. That's why I thanked the guy for having his view... because it gives America the depth, spectrum and well-roundedness necessary to have a great Nation.

Now, I did tell him his opinion made me right... and yes, I called him a whiny child. However, someone who presents an intelligent, nonpestering argument gets my uttmost respect. Which is why I love my professors at school who have a more liberal perspective. They provide an intelligent resource for me to understand and debate with.

Again, thanks for the insight. Hope you hear from you again.

MiddleNameGrace said...


on second thought... maybe you ought to have read my whole blog thoroughly before speaking. I'm guessing you probably only skimmed it and picked out parts to argue against. So I retract my previous statement. I don't completely agree with you... just sort of agree.

Also, you're only idiots for being close-minded and thinking conservatives are wrong. I think liberals are different, not wrong.

staci said...

oh emily, I love reading your writing... and i love your parents sayings. LOL.. "loose lips sink ships when in doubt throw it out" -the wall