Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Global Track Record & Naked Yoga

"If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known." - George C. Marshall

This popped up on my Google Homepage this morning and it's been stuck in my mind all day. It's left me wondering why exactly is the human race's track record so bad? Why are we constantly screwing ourselves? Forgetting the ventures of our predecessors? Ignoring the horrible things in our past that aren't an anomaly but, rather, standard operating procedure?

People individually do it everyday, counties, states, whole nations find themselves in a hand-basket on the way to hell. Individually we make the same mistakes over and over again; dating the same horrible guy twice (or four or five times), procrastinating constantly, repeatedly losing our cool despite all evidence that maintaining your composure is a much better course of action. States keep ratifying and then repealing all the same stupid legislation... are we allowed to smoke in bars or not?... yes you can get an abortion... wait! no you can't! ... Nationally we keep having the same arguments in our congress that we've had for years! Why on earth do the platforms for our politicians never change?! Because we never accomplish a damn thing and move on!

On the whole "reversal of his record" subject... Sure, we've done some pretty great things for ourselves and the world. The institution of democracy, the polio vaccine, the United Nations, open trade agreements, space exploration and general humanitarian aid. But in all that time those things have all only been little band-aids on problems we had then and now. Why can't we learn that killing millions of people is a bad thing? Why don't we realize that just because we've got different economic systems doesn't mean the other people aren't still physiologically the same as us? How about just being nice to your damn neighbor and knocking on their front door to tell them they left the light in their truck on?

In my extensive experience in lots of different parts of the country, people in different areas are nicer to different degrees. The East Coast being one of the most cold and callous places I've ever lived in my life. It is a real blessing that I have neighbors and friends over here who are exceptionally kind people... with excellent track records. However, those couple of people don't out weigh the people who continually contribute to the denigration of modern society and perpetuation of a horrible track record. People in the MidWest and Texas (who are the nicest, on par with people in Tokyo) aren't going to be able to single handedly create a happy nation that contributes to a happy globe.

Here's my prescription for a (slow but eventual) reversal of our track record. Be nice. Go out of your way to smile at somebody today, or do something nice. Be responsible for yourself and someone else. Call your Mom. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a good long while. Go for a walk and wave at your neighbors. Write your congressman... not with a complaint but, instead, a compliment. Let someone know you think they're doing a good job. Our track record doesn't have to stay this bad... we just can't be lazy or it's going to get even worse.


In Other News, never underestimate the power of doing naked yoga while blaring some Gary Allan. It's amazing how much you can clear your head while twisting yourself around naked. Also, I have learned that a couple of my friends really have no respect for me. Thus, they're cut off. I really don't have time to be patient with people who don't respect me. It is unbelievably frustrating to think that I have friends who think they're above the law of the land. I'm still rather frustrated with my relationship status and being a bit of an attention-needy girl... ick. Though I'm trying to remedy that with some good introspection and... you guessed it.... naked yoga :)

Cuba in t-minus three weeks and counting. Thank God.

I'm going to be late for class, oh joy. Maybe I'll tell my professor that I appreciate her not failing me, despite my attendance record. Think that would count towards reversing the human race's track record?

p.s. i think i broke my pinky... it really hurts. I could use some exceptionally hot and kind man to come kiss it and make it better.

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