Sunday, November 18, 2007

Damn Signs & the Crazy Lady

[27 Aug 2007 Monday]

6:53 PM - Norfolk, Virginia

Current mood: annoyed

I've seen so many "Support the Troops, Stop the War" signs it makes me sick. What makes you think that stopping this war is supporting our troops? What makes you think a sign in your front lawn does anything but mark you as slightly politically opinionated? What makes you think that the troops know you're supporting them with your little sign?

First, pulling out of the war would be a premature admission of defeat. The troops are making progress, and by being there and making process they're honoring the effort and memory of every American Hero who has died in any war. To pull out early would mean that their sacrifice and contribution meant little because serving our political agenda is more important than completing the objective they worked and died for.

That sign in your yard means you took the time to pick it up and stick it in the ground. Okay, great. Now go take the time to get on and leave our boys in uniform a message telling them how much you support them. Go get on or and send a very deserving soldier a piece of home. Would you spend some of your precious time and/or hard-earned money to support these guys or is your sign enough? Because if it is enough, you're delusional.

You make ask why I'm so passionate about a stupid sign. It's because I got yelled at today. I mean yelled at like finger pointing and everything because I made a comment to a friend of mine at a cross-walk. Some lady turn around and said " Your conservative opinion is what's ruining this nation. If you would shut your mouth and realized how much your president f'd up you'd realize those signs and bumper stickers are the only sane voice America has."Well excuse the fuck out of me but if bumper stickers and signs are the only sane voice we've got well, then the phrase "hell in a handbasket" is a gross understatement.

And "my" president? Look, crazy lady, just because you didn't vote for him doesn't make him singularly "my" president. The second time around there were no glitches, the democrats just couldn't produce a strong enough candidate and the relatively quiet majority won out and we got G. Dub. It's called a democratic process not an emily-picks-who-runs-the-free-world process.

Also, if we had voted Kerry in it would have been a tragedy. During the civil war they kept Lincoln despite his unpopularity because he ran the slogan "Don't switch horses midstream." Switching to Kerry three years ago would have been like switching from a horse to a goat midstream. Translated into normal people words.... very bad juju.

I wish I were in Cuba. I wish I were surrounded by barbed wire and communism and around people who knew there was a mission to be completed and far, far away from the hippy, freak, pinko, liberal crazies who make me wish I carried the righteous frying pan of God to beat them with.

Don't get me wrong, I love liberals. They give me an opinion to bounce my own ideas off of, if there were no liberals and we all had the same right wing ideas this would be some odd form of communism. However, partisanship is what gives us democracy and I happen to really like democracy. Thus, I really like liberals. It's the crazies that give them a bad name, that's all. Ranting has made me hungry. Somebody write me and tell me I'm not off my rocker.


In other news, today was my last first day of school. I'm officially a college senior who loves her classes (despite the amount of them).

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