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Complete Bullshit

[28 May 2007 Monday]
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You can search Google, Wikipedia,, YouTube, Facebook and Myspace and you get nothing but biased bullshit about Guantanamo Bay. I look this stuff up because I'm concerned, not only for the men and women down here dealing with a traumatic work situation everyday but for America as a whole.
The Americans inside the camp put their lives on the line every time they walk into that camp and they get nothing but some bumper stickers and maybe a by-line of support from the American public. This place sucks for the people working down here. Sure it's in the Caribbean but when your work is an omnipresent stressor that you can't get away from it wears down on people. There's very little for the sailors, soldiers, marines and coast guard to do down here. As hard as MWR might try there's only so much they can do. Want to know why?
Because no one seems to care about these guys. Everyone seems to be so caught up with being politically correct, and doing things "like they've always been done" that nothing progresses! If there were American's who looked past their cushy lives and realized why we can live our lives the way we do, then the military might get the help and support it needs. The media and random oppinionated people mouth off because they can... great, awesome, exercise your right to an opinion...just please don't be regurgitating what you've been told!
People use words like "torture", "depraved", "inhumane" when describing this place and it's because they're TRAINED to use those words. The only deaths that have gone on here in Cuba were suicides... not because of the immense torture they were going through but because they organized it to make a point and humiliate the United States Government. It's called assymetrical warfare! [You know that whole concept of not marching at the enemy head-on, but using alternative methods (i.e. how we won the revolutionary war).]
While I'm down here I have preciously little to do other than work, sun bathe and read. (Yeah, I know it's tough.) This won't be my last little tangent against the mainstream idea of Gitmo. In the mean time, pray for our Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines. Don't just thank them and show your support on Memorial Day. And go find something to be passionate about.


By the way, seeing Danny Glover get shot in the movie "Shooter" was the highlight of my day. Miss ya'll and see you soon.emily grace

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