Sunday, November 18, 2007

Losing My Linear Mind

[07 Sep 2007 Friday]

3:27 PM -Norfolk, Virginia

People have an obsession with symmetry. The divine number, equal proportions, linear equations, the anomaly of congruency in nature. We want things, ideas, messages, concepts, communication to be a linear transaction that is easily consumable and simply translated. We fail to recognize that it is the asymmetrical twists to life that truly make it lived in. Despite our desire to plan and carefully construct everything from our scholastic papers to the organization of our homes it's the incongruencies that perpetuate our existence.

Asymmetry is what draws our eyes, piques our minds and begs us to question. Things like "Alright, why didn't my plan work out?" or "Huh, I wonder why that's out of place"... or just having to actually sit down and figure a problem out because it doesn't directly present us with a solution. We ought to appreciate the irony in life because it throws us off just enough to really be able to appreciate what goes on.... but only if we're paying attention.

We're told to arrange our consciousness, our ideas, our possessions, ourselves in a linear manner. But, I hate to break it to you darlin', this is the age of ritalin, A.D.D. and over-stimulation... I'm not just focused on writing this down, i'm singing what playing on my itunes at the same time, watching my cell phone for a call, listening to my neighbors outside and wondering if i really am hungry enough to go downstairs, tell me what the hell is linear about all of that?... Arrange what you're telling me, what you're trying to convey the same way you aim a bouncy ball...

Just throw with good intentions in a general direction and pray.

Don't just look at one facet of what's going on, or one reason you made a decision. It wasn't your head or your hearts that told you to do something, or told you something was wrong. It was every sense you've got working in a hundred different directions at once. You can say, "well that crosses the line" but really, does it? Did something really bother you enough for you to say there ever actually was a line? Or does it just push you far enough out of your comfort zone, is it asymmetrical enough to make you think? And thinking hurts, it upsets, it doesn't flow with your carefully laid plans.

I love feeling like my brain works.

Final thought..... go be first rate."The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking. - AA Milne"

In other news, ZiegFest on October 20th... in Houston. I can barely contain myself I'm so excited :)Also, it feels amazing to not be scared to get what I want. Thank You, Mr. Gospel :) Finally, God Bless Bill Thayer Jr. RIP, babe. I've missed you for years.

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