Sunday, November 18, 2007

God Loves Me... and Here's Why

[10 Oct 2007 Wednesday]

1:25 PM - Norfolk, Virginia

Here's a short list on the reasons why in the past week it has been apparent that God loves me...

1- God puts people in my life who slake my need for affection... and that makes these people the most wonderful human beings on the planet. Not only do they reaffirm my belief that some men can have intelligent conversations, but they remind me that everybody is loved no matter how quirky (or drunk) we all are.

2- Despite the Cowboy's not deserving their win on Monday night, God said "Ok, Emily, I know you've had a bad day and your pictures disappeared but here's a field goal to make your day better." Final score, 25 to 24, Cowboys. Thank God :)

3- For the first time in a lot of years, I feel like a good big sister. Audrey and I got to hang out for a whole lot of days straight and despite minor annoyances.... we got along famously. Not only did I pull of picking her up and getting her to Cuba and back safely but I think she had a hell of a time, and I partially blame that on me :)

4- This morning (10-10-2007) I overslept and missed a class that I hate missing. I think it's exceptionally disrespectful to simply not show up. However, when I checked my email I was informed that the class had been cancelled. Thank God!

5- Finally, on the big list of reasons why God Loves Me. He, again, reaffirmed my belief that there are good, old fashioned men in the world. The kind who wear their dog-tags 24 hours a day and still open doors.

There are about a million other small blessings that occurred but that would take me forever to list and I probably didn't even notice half of them. I saw my Mommy and some of my best friends ever this weekend and thus can survive in Norfolk for another couple of weeks :)


Here's the name dropping "i-miss-you-already" portion...
Big Matt, JT, Val, Benny... I love you guys like crazy ... I can't thank you enough for taking care of my drunk ass and being just as ridiculous as I am :)

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