Wednesday, May 6, 2009

National Day of...

Whining... is what it seems like; instead of the National Day of Prayer (which is tomorrow).

Apparently some religious groups are upset that Obama will only be noting the occasion with a "paper proclamation" as opposed to a public address. In keeping with my theme I'd like to say, "Who cares?" The point is he's still taking part of it and prayer is a personal thing anyway. Quite whining about it and go do some praying for a different President if you feel like this one has done you wrong. Quit throwing a fit and go pray for some tolerance from everybody. Or you could just shut your mouth, pray, and thank God that the National Day of Prayer is even recognized in a society where religion is more and more frequently ostracized.


In Other News, I've been updating another blog as well as this one. The other one is an experiment where we (my significant other and I) try to live off $1,000 a month. The 'poverty line' for a two-person household is set at $1,166 a month so we're trying to help ourselves to live more frugally and tracking it in public seems to help. Little sister left for Italy on Tuesday and arrived safely. Oh! And last weekend (Birthday weekend for those of you who didn't know) was phenomenal. We didn't end up going to the Derby. Partly because it rained and partly because we didn't want to spend four hours in the car, end up super drunk, sleep in the 'Burban, and then wake up early to drive another four hours back. So we found a nice quiet little town and spent Saturday night there. Logansport is adorable and has some seriously cool old buildings in it. We came back perfectly relaxed, and a little sunburned and went to Sol Fest. Rounded out the weekend curled up on the couch with the greatest guy ever watching The American President (or at least half of it before we fell asleep). This weekend, you ask? Eh, probably not a lot. Maybe going to see Grandma (his) for Mother's Day. Maybe a trip to the range? Maybe just snoozing and trying not to spend any money?

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