Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Late, Don't You Think?

Apparently 78% of Americans don't believe the Government is "investing" their tax dollars... 78% of Americans thing the Government is simply spending willy-nilly (that's the technical term). And about 2/3 of Americans want less government in their lives.

So about seven months ago it was totally cool to want the government to take over and make everything better and we were all hoping that the world would be a better place. Now 2/3 of us are being realistic and want the government to butt out. The problem is the public didn't vote in the guy who wanted less government. They voted in Mr. I-Heart-Socialism himself who was quoting commie party lines at the ASU commencement speech he gave the other day.

If the general public weren't a bunch of fickle, media-controlled, mindless, self-absorbed, lackadaisical sheep this wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately it took 2/3 of the American public this long to realize we don't need the government... they need us and we want them to leave us alone.


In Other News, my wonderful significant other is out of town for another two days. Which means I've got the whole apartment to myself... WOO! Par-tay! And by "par-tay" I mean "re-organizing my closet and cleaning the bathroom". Yeah, I know... I live on the edge.

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