Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breast Milk Ice Cream. Yum.

I had this sent to me... because well... PETA is dumb. It's about a letter they wrote to Ben and Jerry's to encourage the company to use human breast milk in their ice cream as opposed to cow milk. I don't care where in the world people are substituting dairy cow milk for breast milk that's just weird. Besides, since when does anybody ever do what Switzerland does? Yeah, never.

Also, PETA, just for the record. NOT milking dairy cows actually happens to be really, really bad for them. Those horrible farmers are not depriving baby cows of necessary nurishment, they're instead relieving the dairy cows of the excruciating pressure that comes from gallons of fluid building up in their extremities... kind of like a human who has gout or a guy with "blue balls." Get it? Human breast milk is actually meant to supply a human baby with food.

I don't know about you but there's already plenty of starvation in the world for my taste so I'm going to go buy a gallon of ice cream with the milky goodness of cow milk in it and not deprive a baby of a healthy future.

PETA, practice a little species-ism and root for your own team a time or two. Morons.

UPDATE: here's the new link. Hopefully this one works!


Audrey said...

:O your link doesn't work

staci said...

wah? no comments on the debates thus far? ..i am disappointed. but don't worry, I'll let you make it up to me- somehow :P

ps: i'm also offended i have to type in a "word verification" to comment

pps: wow.. i'm really this evening.. sorry for apparently taking it out on your blog <3

staci said...

oh jesus.. that was supposed to read- I'm really bitter this evening
....damn word verification...