Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Have a Muse

And her name is Staci. I love you ♥

But first, let's get the obvious out of the way. I'm a fan of Sarah Palin's. (because you didn't see that coming, right?) She's got spunk. Yes, I understand that's not exactly one of the higher ranking leadership qualities on the usual list but it's not a bad one. She seems pretty uncompromising, which I think is necessary because there are too few people in the country who use their spine. And despite her fundamentalist christian ideas, her daughter made a mistake and she's still standing behind her. Because that's what good parents do. (Thank you Mom & Dad)

Yeah, I know she's got the "foreign policy experience of Aunt B" [thank you, Dr. Jones] but maybe that's where we need to start... with somebody who is paying attention to what's going on in-house and not all over the world. Yes, we've got diplomatic relations to keep up but is shaking hands and handing out foreign aid grants all that difficult that we can't trust someone with "no experience" [except being the governor of a fairly large state] to grasp the concept?

Finally, she seems normal. She's got kids, her husband works, she did silly girly pagaent things when she was younger. I like normal. Normal, spunky and spine-having. She's got my vote.

Oh, and she's good with a gun. I say she goes to the range with Chavez first.

Although, I think the voting this year is more a "best of the worst" deal again... but that's for another time.


In Other News, I've been getting a lot of work done on my case study and it's going swimmingly. I love feeling like my brain works. More importantly, despite my Mommy being in a different state I have the greatest intercontinental support system on the planet (not that I haven't always had the greatest family support system, but I'm talking about people who are lucky enough to not be blood related to me). The people I consider closest to me have the most impeccable timing. Not only that but they know the exactly right thing to say. And, thankfully, they have successfully hip-checked me back into reality, put a smile back on my face, and calmed my nerves. And I'm not sure they even know it. So for now I'm going to get back to doing a job that I love and contemplate the best way to inform my gloriously perceptive friends that they're the greatest people walking the planet.


staci said...

First and foremost, we haven't had any good candidate talk from you in awhile.. since Hillary cried if i'm not mistaken.. just sayin..
And secondly, don't ya just heart when someone uses your name in a blog? :P then kinda makes MY day.. the world is a crazy, mixed up, ironic place..

Audrey said...

the whole no experience argument for Palin is the exact same one they use for Obama, so I'm not sure I'd use it... But I know what your getting at, and there is a big difference between a vice and a Pres