Thursday, September 4, 2008

F'ing YouTubers

Ok, so I don't have a TV. Yes, laugh it up Chuckles I'm probably the only house on the continental US without a television. Anyway, my Mom calls and tells me I have to watch Sarah Palin's speech from last night so I get to work and jump on YouTube. Then as I'm listening to her speak I scroll through some of the comments people are making and I find this.

"I agree with Darkknight, McCain is broken. We need a real man that can at least raise his arms. What a pussy, got his ass kicked by a bunch of tiny little asians. All his POW experience shows is that hes a shitty pilot. Put him in a retirement home where he belongs so he can drool on himself and stop fucking up the country."

Really?! How about we drop you off in North Korea and see how well you do, Scum Bag. How about you get off your flight simulator on your computer, join the military and see how well you do. Stop hiding behind your computer monitor safety net and demeaning people who have done more for their country in one deployment than you'll ever do in your entire worthless, pathetic, mindless life. Let's put you in a retirement home so no one has to listen to your regurgitated illogical rhetoric. Yes, McCain is old. Big Deal. Sure, he can't raise his arms above his head. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you were born in America, the kind of country where men make that kind of sacrifice [you probably don't even know the meaning of that word] year after year in order to ensure that you've got the freedom to think it's okay to call another person a "pussy" for defending their country.

Let me guess, you want Saint Obama to come in a rescue the US from all the horrible Republicans? That's not going to work. The man keeps telling us we "can" do all these things. HOW? How are we supposed to accomplish political reform with nothing but hopes, dreams and good intentions? Not going to work.

I'm completely going to eat my words from yesterday about this being a "best of the worst" year in voting. It's not about being a republican, a libertarian, a democrat or a liberal, a Christian or an Athiest... it's about being an American. An American who knows that nobody is exactly right for the job but knows the difference between what's rational and what's not.

So count your blessings you blathering idiot because I'm a law-abiding American citizen and fairly good Lutheran girl who isn't going to come find you and stomp on your arms until you can't raise them ever again.

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