Monday, October 6, 2008


Yes, that's officially what I think any kind of Presidential/Vice Presidential debate would be at this point.

However, if they had said anything of meaning, depth, importance or anything beyond ambiguous and vague I would change the name of this particular blog to "Remotely Helpful" or maybe even "Poignant." The latter would only occur if the candidates made a concerted effort to truly define their ideals and their intentions. As opposed to dancing around the issues like trained ponies.

Ugh. This whole thing is rather disappointing. So much for being Mavericks, or the "Change America Needs." Nobody's changed a damn thing. Nobody's said anything different. And nobody's going to.

This whole presidential race is kind of like watching a bag of unwanted kittens drown slowly. In the end something is accomplished but everyone is still standing around looking really sad.

Click the title for a link to the full VP debate. It's worth watching, but only because as a citizen who wishes to be informed you really ought to despite the mundane nature of it.


In Other News, My amazing Baby Sister got to visit this weekend :) She leaves tomorrow which is going to make me terribly sad. Seeing her has been so unbelievably good for me. I started a quilt out of old t-shirts, and I'm hoping I get it done before it gets to be too cold around here. Work is still going fantastically. I still have the greatest bosses on the planet. I happen to be involved with the most brilliant, thoughtful, understanding, logical and good-looking man on the planet (besides my Daddy) and I just thought I'd state that fact. Finally, I kind of miss the crap out of my college friends. They were all at a wedding last weekend and I missed out (1 - because I wasn't invited [though i could have gone as someone's date!], and 2-because I'm out of state).

p.s. Sorry about the word verification thing, Chelsea. I don't even know how that got there. I'll work on it though :)

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staci said...

HAHA! Can I please use your quote somewhere about the kittens?? please? Oh, F it.. I'm going to anyways.. don't worry I'll give you credit! LOL
and ps, your word verification... is apparently now in cursive.. :P