Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nobody Likes You

Some idiot, I mean Judge, ordered the release of Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo Bay today. Get this...

"They have been in government custody for seven years, and have been cleared for release for the past four years to any country willing to take them. No countries have volunteered."

No Countries Have Volunteered

Wanna know why?... because they're dangerous men that no one wants because to invite them into your country is to invite in terrorism. Hippy Freak Pinko Liberal Commies don't care. Let everyone into the United States! Who cares that their entire goal in life is to kill infidels, a.k.a. Americans.

People can be so stupid, don't bring them on to U.S. soil unless you're going to keep them under lock, key and M16 in your own backyard. Keep them in Gitmo. I actually don't mind you spending my tax dollars to keep dangerous terrorists as far away from any civilian on the planet as you can.

Somebody should give me a Nobel Peace Prize for my humanitarian concern.

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