Friday, September 23, 2011

Notes on Change.

I'd like to make just a few observations.

We've all seen the "Only Change is Constant" bumper stickers.  And yes, change is constantly occurring.  But I think our perception that "everything" changes is part of our downfall.  Not everything changes, but most things change considerably over the course of time which leads us to believe that literally our whole world is adjusting and adapting.  Please see a small sample of things that do not change, despite being adjusted slightly:

1. If you have a boyfriend who is a crappy boyfriend.  Changing his status in your life, from boyfriend to baby daddy, is not going to change the adjective before his title.  Let's have some self-respect, ladies.

2. If you are in a particularly glum stage in your life changing your status to find support within your online social network is not going to change the fact that your actual lifestyle needs an adjustment.  Get off your behind and go do something to make a change, don't just wait for it to inevitably fall on your head and give you another excuse to be a victim of circumstance.

3. Changing the nouns used in your insult does not change the fact that it is a fact-less claim.  Calling me a "racist" one day and "small minded" the next still doesn't provide me with any, either quantitative or qualitative, corroborating evidence.

4. Changing the skin color of your President doesn't change the way politicians, and the whole political landscape, operate.  If only it were that easy.

 That is all.


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staci said...

Amen. Emily for President!