Monday, January 2, 2012

Jumping on the bandwagon.

Good morning (my time), ladies and gents.  Happy New Year!  It's that time of year again.  The time of the year where I jump on the age-old bandwagon and promise to write more often, consume fewer calories, actually see the inside of a gym, worry less and pray more.

So in the spirit of fairness (to myself) instead of doing six things at once I'm going to focus on two - writing more and worrying less/praying more. 

New Year's Eve in Qatar was anticlimactic.  All of the NYE parties around here are three or four course dinners help at five star hotels with a champagne toast at midnight.  While that sounds very grown-up and posh and everything two of my siblings are in town and buying 500 Qatari Riyal tickets to these things gets expensive.  Also, we felt like dancing the night away.  Unfortunately, neither was achieved.   We got dressed up and went to a party in our compound and played pub-games on teams (UK vs. the World). Again, unfortunately, the UK won (there are a lot more of them than there are of us).  But William and I made an excellent contribution and won all three of our areas.

Conversely, National Day (December 18th) was awesome.  The Qataris were in true form with Land Cruisers painted like the Qatari flag and covered in glitter, Maserati's with heart stickers all over them, the Emir's face plastered everywhere, and toddlers held high on the roof's of moving vehicles all in honor of the country's founding.  A lot of the expat's we spoke to warned us to "stay away from the Corniche [Qatar's main drag]" or "don't even bother going out".  But we went out, had no problem getting there and finding a spot, thoroughly enjoyed tea at the Four Seasons and then saw the greatest fireworks display of our lives.  I'm so glad we took absolutely none of their advice.

We're still thankful for the experiences we get to have here, and Qatar is still very enjoyable though its getting harder and harder to stay optimistic.  It seems like all that anybody wants to do is be as hateful of Americans as they possibly can, and then turn around and put on their Aviators and leather jackets so they look like they're in Top Gun, drive GMC's and listen to our music (Euro-Pop isn't all that popular around here... it's all Katy Perry and Lady Gaga).  The hypocrisy of it is stifling.  Half of the guys are in love with LeBron James and the other half can't get enough of The Situation.  Part of me wishes there was a better part of American culture for them to be obsessed with and the other part wishes they'd just leave it all alone and stick to looking/being/sounding like themselves instead of Americans.  Though, once the argument in my head finally gets down to the point, they hate us because they want to be us so badly... so as far as I'm concerned, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Again, Happy New Year everybody.  Here's to seeing you on the regular.

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amysue said...

A great start to the New Year Em! We are a blessed family and a nation. I am glad you found some entertainment for New Years, and I am equally glad we are adventuresome Americans, seeking our National Day and enjoying the best of Doha!!Dad says we may come back nest year just for that, but we must be in PA for Christmas!!