Monday, September 19, 2011

If it looks like a duck...

...and it walks like a bailout, and it talks like a bailout.  Don't put a cow costume on it and think that I'm stupid enough to think it's a "Jobs Plan". 

And while we're on the subject... the "Buffett Rule," really?  Let's have everyone who's making more than a million dollars sacrifice more of their income in order to support a culture of give-aways that is enabling millions of people to be lazy, do-nothing, moochers. 

Let's use this amazing research tool that gives us billions of pieces of information at the touch of a button and do some research.  It is an absolute myth, an urban legend, a wives tale, call it what you will, but rich people paying the least amount of tax is a populist's lie.  And look, when you move past the emotional fear-mongering and marketing ploy to make you believe that you're being subjugated by millionaires, there is actually quantitative evidence to prove it.  It's something that those on the government waybill would like to believe because it gives their victimhood credibility.  But it's a lie.  Read 'em and weep.

Now, go get your own job, make your own damn money, and save it. 


Dr. L. said...

Two items of note:

1. Warren Buffet is alleged to owe a billion dollars in back taxes.

2. Warren Buffet says the various charitable foundations he gives to do a better job with the money than the government.

Buffet is typical of Obama's entire circle of hypocritical tyrants who believe the rules don't apply to them.

Emily Grace said...

Are those actual fact-based articles you've used to substantiate your points? I'm blown away by the logic of it all.

Thank you for the good reads, by the way. You always have the best links.

Anonymous said...

Dr. L. since we are all equal as citizen, I think I would like to choose to keep my tax money this next year and give it to whom I feel would use it best.
But I do know the rules apply to me, and I do believe in this representative democracy that is our government, so I will pay my taxes and watch as they use it for another bailout.
I do wonder how many roads, bridges, or public safety efforts Buffets charitable contributions went to support?

Emily Grace said...

Dear Anonymous,

I will pay my taxes as well. But I will not just watch as they create another bailout and subsidize a society where "gimmes" are the standard. Instead, I will stay informed about when and for whom I can vote. I will do whatever bit of lobbying I can for those I think are the best option. And I will not allow the representative government to issue me a ticket in the audience. Representative it may be but they are representatives of the people... not of the sheep.