Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Very Dirty Word.

I'm trying to be very careful with these first few sentences because if I'm not I'm afraid a lynch mob of hateful Liberals will fly to Qatar, come to my house and beat me to pieces because of my gross violation of people's human rights.  Don't be too frightened, you're just reading.  You can say, "oh gracious, she's awful!" any time you would like... or just tacitly agree and the angry Liberals will be none the wiser.  Today's subject? Profiling and the damned dirty Liberals who won't let us use it.

I was in Germany last week for a volunteerism and leadership conference that was wonderfully educational.  However, one of the most eye-opening things that happened that week was in the jet-way between my plane from Doha to the Frankfurt airport.  As far as getting off the plane was concerned I wa the middle of the pack.  In front of my was a mix of German nationals returning to their country and a few GCC citizens catching connecting flights, but mostly Germans (you could tell by the blonde hair).  Behind me were a number of GCC citizens and some Indians (this, not that [don't shoot me]).  As I walked past the first German police man (who by the way was only armed with one pistol in a holster... no AK-47 or anything drastic) in the jet way he smiled and said "guten tag" and then immediately followed with "May I please see your passport?"  Quickly I reach into my carry on to pull out my wallet and thus my passport, but as I'm looking up to hand him my documents I realize he's not talking to me... he's talking to the very stereotypical Arabic looking man directly behind me.  And then I start really paying attention...

Ahead of me the German police have a number of Arabic men pulled out of the line and are checking their documents.  I was witnessing the most blatant exhibition of racial profiling I had ever seen and no one was throwing a fit.  No one was being rude, no one was indignant that they had been singled out.  Everyone was just handing over their passports and, as far as I could tell, waiting patiently to be approved.  My first thought was, "I have to tell everyone who reads my blog about this... this is amazing" (no joke, by the way).  My second thought was, "Why does the rest of the whole world use profiling and Americans run away from it like it's a racial slur during a primary?"

And before you argue with me... yes, it is a world wide practice.  
Americans are the only ones who find it offensive.  Wikipedia even says so.  

At some point during the 20th century *cough the 1960's cough* Americans started a trend toward political correctness that has quickly spiraled into a mire of illogical protocol that seems practically irreversible.  Anything that can even be remotely construed as a violation of our personal rights or as offensive is quickly labeled unacceptable no matter how useful or accurate the original 'offense' was.  On top of that, sometimes it is blatantly in violation of someone else's rights when the human rights violation flag is thrown.  You can't refer to someone as Black anymore, they're African-American despite not having any African citizenship or even having set foot on the African continent ever in their entire lives.  Do not even try to offend Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, or the Nature Goddess of the Elements... but, that parody on Jesus?  Have at it.  Stop me in the JFK because I'm a late-twenties/early-thirties Middle Eastern man with traditional dress on and someone will call the ACLU, and they will be all over your racially insensitive ass.  Stop me in Heathrow because I'm a late-twenties/early-thirties Middle Eastern man with traditional dress on... well, here's my passport and have a good day. 

Profiling is a scientific principle defined as "the extrapolation of information about something, based on known qualities."  Did you catch the part about known qualities?  Because that means that when we know, for a fact, that an overwhelmingly large portion of the people who intend to hurt, maim, kill and ruin the lives of Americans come from Middle Eastern Countries.  Why wouldn't we want to pay a little extra attention to them when they fly into the airport?  Why wouldn't customs take a closer look at the suspicious things in their bags?  Why do we not seem to care about our own well-being and safety?!

There's even more evidence than just the photos of the 9/11 hijackers.  Ever heard of the Manchester document?  It is an al Qaeda training manual that explains how to get weapons through airport security, how to kill as many people as possible while on your mission and explicitly states that the United States is enemy number one. 

Could we please actually make national defense a real priority?  Please? 

Profiling seems like a dirty word because of the connotation it is given through the media.  But the honest truth is that it, flat-out, isn't.  It's a scientific protocol that can be beneficial when used in a number of industries.  Marketing uses it to focus on specific demographics, scientists use it to categorize information based on the facts they already have, and the TSA could use it to make us all just a little bit safer because of the information they already have. 

So go ahead, America.  I am giving you permission.  Love everybody, treat everyone with the respect that each and every human deserves; which includes being polite when asking to see someone's passport on their way into your country.


In Other News, being back in Qatar is wonderful.  Although AWAG was great it didn't take me a whole week to start missing my amazing other half.  I've been particularly motivated since I got home from my trip but being around my Mommy (and some other very successful, motivated ladies) will do that.  I feel like I'm out of the "I can't get a job to save my life" slump.  Not because I got a job but because I have other things to fill in the gaps again... and I really feel like I've gotten an answer (not always the one I wanted) to some of my more frequent prayers, which is always helpful. 

I'd like to note that any feedback you guys could give would be much appreciated.  I'm trying to expand on this whole blog thing and would love your input.  Right now I have an interview with a very interesting fellow blogger that I'm working on... stay tuned.  Until next time, faithful readers. 

p.s. Does anybody know how to make your photos fit into the text margin and then zoom-in when you click on it?  I'm at a loss... thanks!


Jack-Attack said...

YEA!!! stop discrimination...profile everyone!!!!!!!!!

Dr. L. said...

Let's see the Left put their money where their mouths are--start an ACLU airline where all it takes for anyone to fly is to purchase a ticket. All the other airlines will profile. Those of us not into empty pieties and moral preening will choose safety, every time.