Thursday, May 12, 2011


The news is a constant source of inspiration for me, as I'm sure it is for many amateur bloggers.  This particular article struck a chord with me because it is so painfully obvious that this crap is getting out of hand.

Some kid posted up a huge message asking a girl to prom on the front of his high school.  He didn't deface any property.  He didn't do it in spray paint.  He took the time to cut out, and then tape up 12" high cardboard letters to the front of his high school... and now he's being banned from going to his prom for it.  A bit harsh right?  I mean, why not just make him take it down and then explain the proper procedure for requesting permission to do this kind of thing?  Or detention?  Or have him pick up litter on campus?

The Mayor of the Connecticut town this happened in said, "Based on what I know, I'm not sure that the punishment fits the crime. This may very well be a situation that needs a second look. Part of the problem in today's world is that we make policies or recommendations without common sense or flexibility built in and we lose sight of the big picture. This may be one of those situations."  Which makes perfect sense, particularly when you apply it to, oh I don't know... everything.  The big picture is that there are people in this world who are actually doing things that are wrong.  No matter what moral code you live by some things are just wrong.  And they're getting by with hardly a slap on the wrist.  And then this kid does something that the romantic in me considers pretty darn cute and he's barred from a major milestone in what's left of his childhood.  There is this knee-jerk reactions that says, "Oh no!  We have to take a hardline stance on this because what if it happens again!"  Why not take that stance on everything then?  Apply it in situations that actually matter.

For instance, please see exhibits A - Lord, there are too many of these below.

A.  Timothy Geithner does something that sends a number of people to jail, or at the very least into bankruptcy, and instead he gets to be Secretary of the Treasury... with maybe a smudge on his reputation.

B.  Rod Blagojevich abuses just about every bit of privilege and power that comes with being a governor and he gets charged with lying to Federal agents and then is given his own TV show.

C. Some of the largest corporations in the world run their business with such poor practices that they bleed themselves dry... and then convince the government to hand over billions of dollars to them so they can try again!

D. Bill Clinton decides to be completely inappropriate while still being the leader of the free world and is impeached.  Then, not only is he acquitted of the charges but nobody really remembers it any more.  The president of the United States of America committed adultery and now it's a joke.

E.  Men who were detained under suspicion of terrorist activity who swear up and down that they were just small town bakers, or tailors, or shopkeepers, or something innocuous are released from being held... and all of a sudden they're leaders in the al Qaeda network. Huh?  Who would have thought they ever had those kind of connections?

The list goes on and on.  Somehow the people who have done the most wrong are the most heavily defended.  The those whose crimes are minor (at best) get the book thrown at them by an MLB-quality pitching machine.  And it's because its easy.  It is so, so simple to look like you're tough on crime because you sentenced that pickpocket to a year in jail.  And that kid who graffiti'd the underpass?  Oooh, that 500 hours of community service will do him good!

But you catch the Mayor of DC doing crack and nailing whores*insert him-hawing, an awkward cough and some legal jargon that makes it sound like some serious consideration is going on* Let's re-elect him!

It's like there is a completely different set of rules for those in the lime-light versus the rest of us.  Scratch that.

There is a completely different set of rules for those in the lime-light versus the rest of us.  And it's unconscionable the things that they get away with.  Why do we allow our society to build divisions like that?  Since when is justice not only blind but deaf and dumb?  And why on Earth is justice allowed to yell, "look a diversion!" for people who have been on the cover of People and not anyone else?    The blatant hypocrisy is nauseating.  Add to that the fact that it is right in front of our faces, all over the media (all you have to do is use a little Google) and hardly any one takes notice, and you've a perfect recipe for complete and utter annihilation of any legal integrity left in this country.

Writing usually energizes me for the rest of my day.  But this wears me out. Long story short...

Leave that poor kid in Connecticut alone.  Let's take the advice of Mayor Lauretti and give a couple of things a second look.  A little common sense and flexibility would go a very long way toward giving justice her blindfold back.


In Other News, I'm going to Germany for about a week for a volunteerism and leadership conference.  I get to see my Mommy so I'm very, very excited.  When I get back I have a few job interviews coming up, so please keep your fingers crossed.  Good news seems to be coming in waves lately (my baby sister graduated from college, my brother-in-law got engaged to the most wonderful girl, hearing back from prospective employers) so I can only hope it continues.  Doha is still wonderful.  Although the weather is taking a turn for the "Holy humidity, it's sweltering out here."  We got our snorkel gear in so I believe we're going to head to the in-land sea this weekend and do some looking around.  
Until next time, most wonderfully faithful readers.
View of West Bay at night from the 9th floor of the Pearl.


charlie said...

I so want to like Blagojevich. Just because he has an awesome name. Say it with me. Blagojevich. Blagooooooooojevich! [/jonstewart]

James F said...

All I know is that girl better say yes to that prom question. That is some epic work.

R said...

I love you. Just let me start with that.

I read the same article and couldn't believe they cracked down so hard on the kid. He's an honor student, into athletics and apparently an all around good kid and yet they are banning him for that. Please explain how that happens and then at the school where I teach we have kids getting itno physical fights and hardly getting a slap on the wrist. Something isn't right there.

Audrey said...

you could always just run for Mayor of DC......!

Emily Grace said...

Rachel, you are so right. It doesn't take much to smell a rat in a situation like this but so many people just want to keep walking.

And Audrey, you have a YouTube link for everything! Maybe you can do a video for my mayoral candidacy. :)

Naftali said...

The problem with Clinton is not that he committed adultery but that he got caught.

Emily Grace said...

Naftali, I'm not quite sure who you are but I am sure that your moral compass is obviously a bit screwy. Just because you don't get caught doesn't make something okay... whether applied to the President or not. And if you think the only thing that Clinton did wrong in his presidency is commit adultery, then you weren't paying enough attention.