Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

It's been a million years since I've written. Luckily, I feel like getting back into the swing of things. Enjoy :)

There is a reason "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is in place, and it certainly isn't meant to oppress any one type of person. Military work spaces should be completely devoid of any sexual orientation for organizational reasons. Next thing you know tax payers have to build six different kinds of barracks separating Homosexual Males from Heterosexual Males from Transgender Males and then all over again on the female side; instead of just one male and one female. Can you imagine six different sets of berthings and showers on an aircraft carrier? Sure, they're huge... but you have to have room for more than just personnel.

What we should be spending money on it classes that teach "Live and Let Live." It's none of my business, or anyone's business, if the person next to me is gay or not. As long as their doing their job not really anything matters. If we focused on people's capabilities instead of their personal choices we would all just be humans with resumes. Sexual preferences are meant to stay between you, your significant other and whomever you believe will be judging you in the end.

Either way, this all gets back to my usual points...

Do your job well.
Be responsible for yourself and no one else.
Live and let live.


staci said...

I don't have a comprehensive view of the don't ask, don't tell policy.. but I feel I have a general understanding, so if I make a point that is factually invalid- by all means, please correct me. That disclaimer being said-

I don't blatantly disagree with you often, occasionally see things in another light- sure.. but the currently policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" is wrong. You're right, there is a reason it is in place, that's because before the implementation of the currently policy homosexuality it was- no way, no how, so it's actually meant to open the possibility of gay people to serve. In my opinion, if anyone, and I mean ANYone, black, white, straight, gay, trangendered, Canadian, Mexican, whoever wants to fight FOR THIS country, and for freedom, should be given the highest respect despite whatever their differences should be.
I would agree that Military work spaces should be devoid of sexual orientation, a complete nonissue. Therefor, the notion that each sexual orientation needs separate barracks is just absurd and ridiculous. Let's all be grown ups here for a moment and remember- all men have penises, and and all girls have vulvas. Allowance to be openly gay (outside of immediate work environments, because remember ANY sexuality shouldn't apply there) does not imply any further allowance of sexual harassment. Gay people under current policy are already mixed in those barracks, and GASP, yes, the showers too. If the military was to truly be devoid of any sexuality the penises and vulvas would be showering together anyways.
You're second paragraph is essentially saying that it's okay to be gay, as long as no one has to see it. But why should gay people have to hide their personal lives, and families, anymore than their straight coworkers is the real issue here that you failed to address. Here's how I see it.. if a straight person makes sexual advances/harassments onto a coworker they should be reprimanded up to and including being discharged. Same with gay people. There, what's the problem now?

**But under currently policy, when Sally is at the airport, with her kids, waiting for her partner Mary to get off that aircraft cause she's been deployed for months on end fighting for this country and other countries freedoms, away from her family, and Sally's been looking after their kids by herself, with no healthcare, having to work as well for the extra income, at best all she can do is give Mary a high five.. cause we don't want to raise suspicions, do we? Despicable.

The "Don't as, don't tell" policy is outdated and openly discriminatory. The fact that gay people have not already been awarded full and equal rights, including serving in the military, marriage, and adoption is beginning to make me ashamed and embarrassed to be American.. and you can quote me anytime on that.

staci said...

PS: on another note- SO GLAD to see you back, I STILL check this site like daily LOL

PPS: it's getting late, my response was poorly edited, and I was having a hard time with my Sally/Mary story because I don't have any military terminology references LOL

PPPS: I still love you- hate the sin, not the sinner ;)