Friday, August 6, 2010

Too Gone for Too Long

Well, I have been told more than once that I ought to get back to blogging so here I am. Lacking inspiration but feeling like if I don't write then I'm being a bit of a disappointment.

What's that you say? How could I be lacking inspiration in the middle of the wreck of a mess our Federal government has us in? How could I live in New Mexico's equivalent of Berkeley, California and not be, at the very least, upset? That's simple.

It's overwhelming.
But, fear not, faithful reader.
I haven't given up the good fight.

Instead of being frustrated and ranting on the internet about how and overqualified white girl cannot get a job in Albuquerque, NM I simply gave up being angry and channeled my energy into starting my own consulting business. And now we have DGConsulting LLC (DGC for short).

And instead of being upset that there are protesters that flood the streets of Nob Hill, but usually only when the cameras are on, to be so eloquently expressive about their opinion on Arizona's immigration law I simply stay home and write letters to Governor Jan Brewer telling her how much I appreciate the serious position she's taken on making something that is illegal actually illegal.

Recently I had a friend (Thank you, Mr. Matthes) point out something interesting to me that shows up in the "Political Views" section of their Facebook profiles. People have things like, "Political Views: OBAMA!" or "Political Views: I hate Sarah Palin" written where things like "Raving Liberal Nut" or "Socialism Rocks!" should be. Now, let's assume that a large portion of my Facebook friends have a college degree... after all, a huge portion of them did graduate with me. Everyone who graduated from ODU had to take POLS 101; meaning they all know the fundamental differences between liberal and conservative and so on. So instead of going through and asking each one of those people to re-read a textbook they more than likely sold back.... I'm going to keep blogging. Then at least they will have some point of reference for what God-fearing, tax-paying, Libertarian registered ranting looks like.

So, Ms. Smith and Mr. Matthes... this one in particular is for you. The rest of my blogs I would like to hereby dedicate to the morons who don't know the difference between a politician and a political party. Cheers.


In Other News, I got so excited about writing again that I burned my sponge cake. This, I believe, is what we call a bittersweet moment.

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