Friday, March 6, 2009

Yes He Is.

Is Obama a DOW Downer?

Yes. But only because he wants to be.

The more times he screams "economic crisis" and uses words like "disaster" the worse it's going to get. Somebody brilliant (and coincidentally also ridiculously good looking) pointed something interesting out to me the other night. Eight months ago the only thing that was failing was the banks... not every other company that happens to exist. Coincidence? Casualties of an "economic crisis"? Or the unnecessary by-product of politicians who are scaring the market into oblivion so they can pass a bill that funds all of their pet projects, puts them in control of just about everything and delivers an entire country of people into their worthless manipulative hands? I've been following John McCain's Twitter account since it was brought to my attention (it's Maureen Dowd's fault). He keeps posting updates that plain as day state the project that the Senate has kept in the bill and the cost. It makes me sick the junk they're having tax payers fund in the middle of a bailout. A recreation park and fair ground? Pleasure Beach Water Taxi? Money for the Historic Jazz Foundation in Kansas? SERIOUSLY?!

I thought we were supposed to be creating jobs, and stimulating the economy not just paying to amuse ourselves? Part of the reason we're in this mess is because a large group of people is too lazy to work and wants the government to take care of them. So what's the logical solution? Ah, yes, amuse them so they're distracted from how much of a drain they are on Capitalism-loving, hard-working Americans.

In other sickening news, while waiting for my hair appointment (it now looks fantastic thank you for asking) I saw this headline.
Does no one else see an issue with a WORKER TAX for a JOBLESS FUND? I work to support me. Not me and someone who doesn't have a job and does not a damn thing. If someone comes and works for me... yes, I will gladly pay them. Until then I am so tired of paying for people who haven't earned a single penny that I really don't know what to do with myself.

And on top of all the economic crap there's a Professor who called the cops on a College Senior for talking about guns. TALKING about guns. The full article is right here... because if I keep typing I swear my head is going to spin around and I'll start spitting tacks.

Somebody tell me I'm not the only one who feels like this isn't the America we were raised in...

where did it go, why and when the hell can I have it back?


In Other News, spent a weekend with the family before they left for Italy. It was amazing :) Then I spent the week following being sick with the plague. It sucked, but I lost 10 pounds! The weather is lovely today despite being a bit windy and I have a wonderful Friday night planned. Yoga has been amazing recently... I love being back in a class and the studio I go to is a perfect little yoga haven. Also, I desperately want to go to the Kentucky Derby this year... sit on the in-field and participate in the mint-julep-fueled drunk fest that happens the day before my birthday. Who wants in?

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Audrey said...

UM ME. for the Derby, the day you were born :] lol
ps, you'd be so much cooler if mom had let dad name you that.

and as for your blog, i think the conspiracy thing is going a bit far... but overall, I concur
and I love you tons :]