Monday, February 9, 2009

They're Called Illegal for a Reason.

Immigrant Sex Offender May Be Released in North Carolina Untreated Due to Illegal Status

Why wasn't he shipped out as soon as they found out he was ILLEGAL? Why have our tax dollars been paying for someone who isn't even allowed to be here? Why on earth would we even consider paying for his treatment when a $600 plane ticket would have taken care of this a long time ago?

Send him back to his own country and see how they feel about people who rape handicapped 5-year olds. Instead this guy is going to be roaming freely around North Carolina... and wherever else he pleases... as close to people's children as he wants to be. This is just stupid.

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staci said...

Pssh, I have 15 year olds deported on the regular for stealing Juicy Couture earrings... surely someone just dropped the ball here. Aggravating.