Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The First 100 Days

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your reading pleasure I'd like to present the only "First 100 Days" list worth reading.

The Onion has developed their own list. Is most of it ridiculous? Yes. Is 99% of it completely fabricated? Certainly. (One of my favorites being.... "DAY 10: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Donovan wonders if they mean "urban" like "city" or "urban" like "black.") Is it worth your time to read when compared to FoxNews or CNN's versions? Absolutely.

Ok so maybe FoxNews and CNNs' lists are more relevant and actually contain information that would enhance your political perspectives and keep you up to date. (Another good one... "DAY 40: President Obama forwards the link to the new Star Trek movie trailer to the entire staff. Again.") But did dying the White House fountains green have to be the update for today (Day 57)? Now, why on earth the first 100 days are so important is well beyond me, but if you're going to read one at least it should be entertaining. (last but not least... "DAY 51: Reaching a milestone common for new presidents, Obama spends the afternoon seeing who is the most important person he can get on the phone in under five minutes.") So take a deep breathe, forget about the political wreck of a mess that is D.C. and go read the list. And when you're done jump on John McCain's Twitter... he's got an interview on there at Noon. And shut up, I know I'm obsessed. Thank you very much.


In Other News, I want a puppy. A free Boxer-Coonhound Puppy from the Ad Pages to be specific. Am I getting one? Yeah, right. But a girl can wish right? Oh, and a house. A limestone house with a pond, a pole barn and probably vaulted beamed ceilings. Not getting that one either though. I've been doing an experiment for about the past week. It's a personal experiment and I'm actually not torturing somebody else this time. Ever tried to change your relational style (aka love language)? So far the first week has gone badly. I'm still overwhelmingly sensitive to verbal affirmation and touch but I'm trying to be better at the quality time and acts of service thought process. Although, I should have expected the results (frustration, disappointment and a bit of withdrawal) because a week of making a concerted effort itsn't going to outweigh 22 years of conditioning. Hm, this all seems like a bit of an over share. Thankfully, Staci's the only one who reads this... I love you :)


staci said...

LOL... is the fact I check this page like everyday for updates creepy? ..i say no.. you're so under rated in the blogging world. You're a soul blogger, you haven't sold out to the man.. :P

Emily Grace said...

Not creepy.... flattering :) I totally love you.