Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Audacity of....

People who write editorials that spout the party line so that someone will pay attention to them.
Nevermind that they author is blaming Rush Limbaugh for doing the exact same thing (saying things for attentions.)

The Audacity of Rush Limbaugh's Hope is an article berating Rush for saying he "hopes" Obama fails. Well, Rush, here's me taking one for the team. Me too.

If Obama fails that means that socialism isn't one step closer to taking over what still is and can be the Greatest Nation on the planet. If Obama fails it means not everyone in the country is going to be forced to accept the stimulus package that's simply a euphemism for "everyone's on welfare now!" If Obama fails then maybe Americans will realize you have to work for yourself to benefit yourself. Not the government has to work for you so you can benefit and keep your cushy job.

I hope Obama fails... in seamlessly integrating "democratic socialism." But I sincerely hope that he succeeds in realizing that America needs to pull itself out of this and not hope that throwing money at the situation will fix everything. There is no quick fix. This is a long term, the repercussions will be seen in 20 years situation. I hope socialism isn't around when those repercussions hit because if that happens... well, there will be nobody to pick your welfare-hungry, expanded-government-loving self up off the ground.


In Other News, it's been a million years... I know. Work has been crazy busy. I spent two weeks in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show which was awesome. I've got a nice cozy itty bitty apartment and it's amazing. Going on a roadtrip this weekend with my the most amazing man I know and I cannot wait. It snowed like crazy two nights ago and I had the pleasure of shoveling snow for the first (and hopefully, last) time last night. After that experience, I can safely say I am so very ready for a warmer climate... or maybe I'll just buy a sun lamp.

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staci said...

OMG! You're back.. lol.. I've been waiting uh, well months.. :) And although I don't always agree with all your political views, you present them so well. <3s