Friday, January 30, 2009

Red & Yellow, Black & White

I do not care what color the president is.

He could come out with a statement tomorrow saying that he's not half black-half white, he's half American-Samoan and half American-Albino and I would not care.

A dear friend of mine posted this... "My PRESIDENT is black, in fact hes half white, so even in racist minds, hes half right...Martin luther walked so Obama can run..." as their status on MySpace. There is part of me who wants to tell her that Martin Luther did a lot for everyone but I sincerely doubt it aided Obama's motor skills. Martin Luther did, however, help people break away from what were considered tyrannies of the Catholic Church. And I'm sure religous freedom has helped Obama become the man he is today, somehow. That's what she meant, right? ( that was dripping with sarcasm, by the way... I just wished people spoke completely intelligently about what they're soap-boxing about)
After I got a few (ok, only three) emails telling me to "give the black president a chance" and to "stop being a racist, you're ridiculing our president because he's black" I had a serious discussion with a friend. We talked about how ridiculous it is that people are making such a huge deal about "black people finally making an impact" or "black people being recognized" and why we get criticized for moving past that to the issues straight after the inaugeration. I understand the first president who isn't an old white guy is a big deal. But he's elected... move on. There are much bigger and more important things going on that have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the president is of whatever race he is.
Be excited, I'm glad you get excited about something but can't the masses focus on something a little less qualitative?

Moving on. What I care about is that Obama is trying to close Gitmo and put millions of Americans in danger. Need an explanation on why? How about you read just ALMOST EVERY BLOG I'VE EVER WRITTEN. The men detained at Guantanamo Bay live for killing Americans, they die for killing Americans, their entire being is obsessed with ridding the earth of America. So yeah, let's just let 'em all go elsewhere and re-join the fight and be martyr'd. Please. Sounds like a really... great... idea.

Also, this whole Obama staring down the journalist thing is just crap. Answer the damned questions. If you can't answer a simple question about why he picked a former lobb you made without a formal press conference and prompting then what are you doing being the president. It didn't have to be so serious and earth shaking... you could have just answered the question by saying "because no matter his background I think he is the best man for the job." Done. But no, it takes hoopla and media hype to convey that he was just visiting the press...who are PAID to ask questions of him. Huh. So much for "an open president for the people."

I will not ever care what color the president is. I do, however, care about whatever he's got going on with his staff choices and policies. So, as my Aussie boss says, "bug off" and quit trying to tell me I only bag on Obama because he's black. You're dumb.


Anonymous said...

I'm registered Independent(swing vote) ,I voted for obama due the economy situation in the country, well really i voted democrat for the economy situation. so yea screw color.
Personally I think Obama is all about the political parties and will do what is best for our country as a whole

but on another note, not to sound rude or racist, maybe for all those who see color as something more than intellect , maybe this will give some the motivation to make something out of themselves. They have a good example to follow now (hopefully). and will get over this color thing.

Anonymous said...

I'll bite. I am an Obama supporter that fully agrees with your discontent regarding the "color" issue flaunted about by the media and a seeming majority of African Americans. I didn't vote for "a black man," I voted for Barack Obama. I voted for what I thought was the best suited choice for our present situation in national and international politics. I fully agree that "yes, he's elected, now let's move onto why he was elected!

I do have a split opinion on the Gitmo move, however. While I don't agree with simple release of the detainees, I see why he is doing so. Gitmo is a milestone of international disdain towards Bush's administration and, in turn, America as a whole. Surrounding the infamous photographs, water boarding, and prolonged detention without being charged with a crime, Gitmo was forced to become a symbol of un-American behavior led by the former commander-in-chief. This move satifies many American allies who have been pushing for its closure.

Poise. Bush couldn't spell it or pronounce it without attaching unfitting prefixes and suffixes, let alone understand such a concept. This was a bold and controversial political move, no matter its risk. In the end, though, I think we'll find that we gained from it.

Now... can you guess who wrote this? :)

Anonymous said...

^ above
good point of view, well said