Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nothing Has Changed

While reading an article about al Qaeda's comments on Obama I was surprised to read that a U.S. Counter-terrorism Official said ...

"The way they're dealing with the change represented by the election of an African American as president of the United States is to insist that nothing has changed."


Of course nothing has changed. We're not trying to change al Qaeda. Also, al Qaeda is not a representative sample of the general Iraqi or Afghani population. Things concerning the civilian public have changed. Look at the elections, the number of Iraqi women in schools, the children who are being sent to schools instead of training camps.

So what are we doing if we're not trying to change al Qaeda? We're trying to wipe every single one of them off the face of the planet. That way they won't be able to hurt American or Iraqi or Afghani soldiers or citizens. Does no one understand that they're not just some group of people with guns? They're a terrorist group whose entire obsessive goal in life is to kill Americans. How did America end up forgetting this?!

Iraq is slowly becoming a better place because of America. It's slowly going to be able to stand on its own and that's going to be an absolutely amazing thing.

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