Thursday, November 6, 2008

Job err, Blog Security

At least I'll probably have something to complain about for the next for years. John Stewart is going to run out of fodder... maybe I can replace him.

I do appreciate those of you who didn't text message me Tuesday night around 11pm gloating about the election results and being exceptionally condescending. You're lovely adults and wonderful Americans. The rest of you. Ugh. And that's all I have to say about that.

Anyway, yes, I'm saddened that modern America thinks that the government should take care of everyone. I'm saddened that millions of people voted to have their money redistributed by someone else. I'm saddened that people voted because they wanted to make history, and not necessarily because it's actually a good direction for the country. Do I want Obama to work out beautifully? Sure. Absolutely. If the country ends up in a better spot then I'm all for it. Do I think that if he accomplishes half of his policies we'll be in a better spot? Oh Hell No.

My hard earned money pays for enough welfare junkies as it is. I don't want to be paying for welfare junkies, and people who kind of need it, and people who think they need it, and people who think they deserve it. I don't want my tax cuts going to some girl who gets her school paid for, children fed, and pays her bar tabs with government money because she's got no job and can't keep her legs shut. I work my butt of so that I can get by. I'm living fairly comfortably because I EARN it. Our new President-Elect wants to hand things to people. Work for it.

The idea should be that the harder you work the better you and those around you will do. For instance, if I work my butt off here... then the company benefits from my zealousness... which means we make more money... which means I get a raise. Conversely, if I were to sit here blogging ALL day and not do anything then the Company would not benefit... no one would no about our products, we'd make no money and I'd be out of a job. Get it?

On that note, my lunch is 90% gone and I've got some photoshopping to do. I'm willing to give Obama a chance. But as soon as this socialism thing starts picking up I'm done. Goodbye cold, cruel USA.... Hello foreign country that likes Democracy.


In Other News, went to Chicago last weekend with one of the greatest people on the planet. Saw Kings of Leon and now I'm obsessed. I mean completely. I even know their names. Yikes, I'm creepy. We did a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie house, too. I highly recommend seeing it. Gorgeous house. Ask for Brad, he's quite the tour guide. I'm slightly upset today because I was allowed to walk out of the house looking like this... I have a saggy butt because my pants don't fit. Pro: I'm losing weight. Con: My pants don't fit and I have to buy new ones. To donate to the Buy Emily Pants that Fit Fund please click the following link.


staci said...

woo.. good things i texted at like 8... in the clear.. :P ..sorry, lol

Audrey said...

you didn't even leave a size...