Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attack of the Environmentalists.

You've got to be f*&#ing kidding me. The basis of the article (linked in the title above) is that some hippie-freak-pink0-commie-tree-hugger who used to advise the leader of the free world is a major part of an organization who plans to unveil a 'cause' to give Mother Nature her own human-rights. Yes, you read that correctly, folks. The Earth gets human rights. Who cares about the Chinese, oppressed people in Africa, women all over the world who are viewed as incubators and not humans... we've got to give Mother Earth her rights. When the hell did we all become freaking Druids?

This is ridiculous. It trivializes every bit of work any humanitarian has ever put into providing human rights to any one on the inanimate object that they're trying to give rights. If you want to recycle, go ahead. Want to turn the medians in your neighborhood into a raised bed? Please do. Lets even work on technologies that do really cool 'eco-friendly' things. But human rights to a planet? And don't start giving me that awful argument about how the planet can't fight for itself. It's ridiculous. It's insane. It makes me so damned angry that this is even an issue. I can't even actually describe how frustrating this is in the face of every other actually relevant thing that these great minds should be worried about solving. I'm actually half-surprised I can even type because after somebody from some worthless South American country said that capitalism is the enemy of the earth I started spitting tacks.

I'm reading Michael Chrichton's "The State of Fear" and it is fabulous. At one point one of his characters says, "the only thing worse than a champagne-liberal is a Gulfstream environmentalist." And what is Mr. Jones doing? He's headquartered in LA and jet-setting off to Rio for an environmental conference planned on a date suspiciously close to Festival.

Yes, we should be considerate of our environment... after all, we don't want to look like we live on the set of Idiocracy. But do we really need to spend millions of dollars trying to pass legislation and spearheading and international initiative to give Mother Nature, the Earth, this really large piece of gravitationally controlled rock human rights? I know, and fully believe that God gave us this Earth and it is ours to take care of but... c'mon people.

Plant your trees, recycle your water bottles, but please for goodness sake... drop the get-the-whole-world-involved-so-the-cause-will-make-money marketing crap.


In Other News, I made home-made donuts today. That is all.

(No really, that's basically all I've done today.)

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staci said...

For once we COMPLETELY agree.

Also, I've been meaning to make home made doughnuts for about a year now .. .how are they?? Did you fry or bake them?? I found a baking recipe for like cake doughnuts mmmmmm coffee and cake doughnuts..