Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Statistical Observations

William showed be how to view the stats on my blog today (how is it that he's been on here just a few months and I've been writing for years and didn't know these existed?).

I'd like to state for the record that 15 people in Iran have read my blog and I haven't received a single angry e-mail from any of them. All the angry e-mails I've ever received have been from Americans (and always from people I knew personally).
Also, the ways that people have found my blog are pretty amusing as well. Why would anyone Google "men who own cats"? I really don't want to be a link in someones search for their cat-owning soul-mate or creepy Google image search.

Also, Staci... you're practically my publicist. I'm not sure if you should be concerned that people are googling you so often or excited that you are such a popular google search. Either way... thank you. :)


staci said...

I FN love this btw. HAHAHA. Also, I'm honored my name is attached to such great writing. LOVE you!!

Jackson LeVault said...

this opened my eyes to a world i never knew...your blog lol