Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm in love... again.

Remember last November when I fell in love?

Yeah, that one has officially been replaced as of now. And I think this one would love me unconditionally too.
[insert swoon here]


I apparently have expensive taste, but thankfully this doesn't happen terribly often. Twice in five months isn't bad! Yes, yes I know. I'm hopeless. On the other hand, at least this keeps me from rambling on about political things no one gives a damn about. :)

While I'm at it I'll just tag the "In Other News" on right here... it's not like any of this was really relevant to my usual anyway. T-minus two days and counting until my baby Sis and Grandma (!) are in town. I'm actually really excited about having four of us in our adorable little apartment. T-minus ten days and counting until the Kentucky Derby! And then eleven days until I turn another year older. Officially, I'm not out of my slump yet. I still feel like a huge pile of "ugh". But I started refusing to let it control my entire day... you can only mope for so long. Granted I'm not exactly happy go lucky but I'm sure as soon as I sort through the wreck in my head that's causing all this stress it will all get better.

One more update, I gave up on my experiment. I'm still trying to understand other relational styles but changing mine was just far too difficult and caused way too many issues for me. In short, I'm still a girly-wreck-of-a-mess who requires probably more attention than I'm worth. Moving on, I can't wait for this weekend and next. Not only do I get to see the most amazing sister anybody could ask for but then I get to take the birthday trip of my dreams with the greatest guy anybody could ask for.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

You should see my current love affair necklace. Puts the price tag on yours to shame! LOL!