Monday, April 20, 2009

Back bone.

Miss California is currently being ripped to shreds in the media for her answer to whether or not she believes in gay marriage.

Some where along there somebody is missing the point.... they asked her what her thoughts on it were. They didn't ask "Please spout the most politically correct answer possible to whether gay marriage should be allowed in all 50 states." They didn't ask "Please give us the majority of the population's thoughts on gay marriage." The openly-gay judge asked if she thought gay marriage should be allowed in all 50 states and he got exactly what he asked for as an answer... her opinion.

Thank goodness this girl stuck to her guns and was honest with her ideals on the subject. Thank goodness there are still girls out there with a back bone who don't mind standing up for what they believe. Do you need to agree with her? Absolutely not, but that's your right. Do you need to hate her for having a different opinion? Absolutely not, then you're asking her to not exercise her right to an opinion. Nobody asked her to make everybody happy... and now they're all whining that she's "stupid" and a "bigot." I think she's just a conservative young lady with a background in the church and a family who stands behind her.

Do I agree with her? Not entirely. Yeah I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman but if some guy would like to go marry his boyfriend then who am I to judge? It's your life, they're your decisions and there's somebody standing outside a set of pearly gates that gets to do the judging. Don't screw with my rights and I won't screw with yours.

So rock on, Ms. California and thank you for sticking my your values. I've got no idea who you are but you'd certainly have my vote... or something.


In Other News, I have just been notified that my baby sister will be coming to visit me for her birthday this weekend :) It would be uber-difficult to explain exactly how excited I am about this. Had an awesome weekend with a random adventure on friday, Tea Party demonstration and a day at the lake on Saturday, and a relaxing pretty slow sunday. Having a bit of a sun burn and such a wonderful (read: absolutely amazing, wonderfully fun and equally good-looking) adventure companion felt sooooo good (the latter of the two being a perpetual thing). This weekend, however, will not be nearly so quiet. I believe we'll call it a birthday adventure to end all birthday adventures. Ok, that's not exactly catchy... I'll work on it.


Audrey said...

why doesn't this blog thing have a thumbs up button like facebook??

Rachel said...

I agree with you. Go her for sticking to her beliefs. I don't have to agree with her but at least she had enough back bone to say what she thinks is right.

staci said...

Yeah she said what she believes, but if she had been asked her opinion on something to do with racial equality, and she said just doesn't believe hispanic people should have the same rights as white Prejudice is judgmental is ignorant. No kudos for her.. and I pray to her god that her kids are huge homos.