Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Clinton By Any Other Name Would Suck Just as Badly

Why on earth do people think that Hillary Clinton is going to be any better of a President than her husband?

It is my speculation that during Bill's presidency, Hillary was running everything except for maybe his social life. And for all you Liberals sitting there thinking "Well, Bill's presidency was pretty great, why not do it again?"

Why not?! Are you serious? The man couldn't do anything worthwhile to save his life. The surplus we had in the budget was because of the Reagan-omics that had been established years before. There was international peace because all Bill could do was walk around smoking cigars, kissing up, and being diplomatic. And the whole country got to sit back on their laurels and listen to Bill play his saxophone while giving negative credit to the Republicans who set him up for success.

Also, another reason why Hillary would suck just as much.... she's polarizing. There's no middle ground with this woman. She's trying to desperately to be as anti-Bush as possible that I honestly think she'd flip our whole government upside down in an effort to spite him... and she'd call it "taking a different path." You cannot unite a country through polarization. What's going to unite the country is understanding that some poor decisions have been made and moving past those decisions and making proactive movements towards the goal we've made for ourselves. You can't scrap the entire country because you don't like what someone else did with it.

Finally, Hillary would be a much worse President than Bill because she's a woman. The international community that we're dealing with currently doesn't have enough respect for women to take Hillary seriously. Remember what happened to Bhutto? That's most certainly going to at the least be attempted by some Middle Eastern Fundamentalist group. Also, she cried during one of the debates. Be a real woman, suck it up, and debate it like you have a spine. Crying in public is for wimps and babies.

Until I have further evidence that's really all the reasoning I have for why Hillary Clinton sucks. Review and tell me what you think.


In Other News, a very good friend of mine is moving from California to Virginia for work and I am so excited! Also, I got a job today.... yay! I'll be bartending at Tanner's Creek just down the street from my house. I start Sunday, come in and see me!


Anonymous said...

1. It wouldnt hurt Bush to step up and be a bit more diplomatic.
2. Did u forget about Thatcher? Merkel? McAleese? Indira Gandhi? I think the world may just be ready for female leaders.
3. I doubt the terrorists and fundamentalists take Bush very seriously either. So I dont think it would make much difference if we had a woman running things.
4. Showing human emotion is a character I admire. Its human to be human.
5. You think the country will be even more polarized with Hillary than it has become under this administration? Lets not blame that on a leader....lets blame that on the fundamental christian right and crazy very very far left liberals, not someone who comes to power in an office that in all actually cant get much done without the bureaucracy of america.

Sorry love. I just couldnt leave this blog alone lol. But I still love you.....see u tonight for the party :)


staci said...

Haha... wimps and babies! I'd have to agree on that point at least... :p

Anonymous said...

1. Al Gore '08.

2. Is that the Reaganomics where greediest of people working for the most selfish of reasons benefits us all? The Reaganomics that is a mock-up of early 20th century laissez-faire capitalism? The same style economy that led to the most horrible living conditions of the working class and to the Depression. There is no "invisible hand" that regulates the economy -- everything that has kept this country from becoming an industrial-society nightmare worthy of Charles Dickens has been government interferrence and regulations. Child labor laws, minimum wage, unions, worker health care, environmental protection, retirment benefits etc.. these are not the products of the rich generously spreading the wealth of society to create jobs in a balanced free market of rational actors.

Or maybe is it just the trickle-down economics part that lets conservatives take credit for any economic improvement that happens 20, 30 or even 1000 years after the Reagan administration that we're talking about here?

3. You really didn't just accuse Clinton of creating international peace by being, of ALL things, diplomatic and then give credit to Republicans? Really?

4. Hillary would suck because she's too conservative. Well, at least she panders that way. You have to admit though being anti-Bush is trendy nowadays, but he deserves every bit of it.

5. "What's going to unite the country is understanding that some poor decisions have been made and moving past those decisions and making proactive movements towards the goal we've made for ourselves. You can't scrap the entire country because you don't like what someone else did with it."

With stuff like this you could run for office :) Gimme more!

6.The most sexist people I know have got to be girls. Yeah, no one takes women world leaders seriously, I mean, the Queen of England has been nothing but a goddamned joke for decades. Chile, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, Mozambique, The Philippines, and Ireland all have female leaders -- not one of them is a real women, but its probably because they aren't from real countries like Uh-mur-i-kuh. Hoorah! USA #1, NASCAR for president!

7. I hate Hillary Clinton too, but hey us bleeding hearts also hate mom and apple pie ;)