Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Facts? Who needs facts?

This is an article about the true state of our current tax system.  The aricle shows, through quantitative research, that 50% of the American tax-paying population doesn't actually pay any taxes.  Which means I can prove, through complete conjecture and guessing, that 100% of the people whining about taxes don't pay any. 

So all of the occupiers, welfare recipients, WIC beneficiaries, medicare patients, and so on and so forth pay nothing at all.  In fact, we have successfully turned the IRS into a "spending agency".  "Close to a hundred billion in checks sent out by the IRS (go) to folks who have no tax liability," McBride  said. "So the IRS is becoming a spending agency."

And before someone rolls their eyes and says, "McBride? They picked some random dude I've never heard of to quote... *pssssssh*"  This guy is an economist featured in a long list of peer-reviewed publications who has a really great beard.  More specifically a lot of his articles disspell the general myths, propogated by liberals and anti-fiscal-conservative doomsday criers, that are eaten up by the media. 

Go read the article and then the rest of Mr. McBride's publications and the next time you think "man, Apple and Google and Rupert Murdoch should have to pay all the taxes!  I'm getting bamboozled!"  look at your tax refund from last year and shut up.  

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